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May 6, 2014 09:33 PM

Fat. What's your choice ?

I've got to say lard, pork fat, is my choice of animal fat. Oh, duck fat, and chicken are superb. Olive oil is my top favorite. Butter I could give or take. Vegtable,not so much. I would like to try grape seed, or walnut oil. Sure there are others.What are the fats you tend to use most ? Olive oil, and lard for me.

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  1. I use olive oil most, but I like unsalted butter best.

    1. Olive oil and non GMO canola oil.

      1. Duck fat, clarified butter, European butter for cooking.

        Nut oils and good olive oils for vinaigrettes.

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          I'm joining your party - duck fat, ghee, Kerrygold, olive oil, walnut oil

        2. Butter. Virgin coconut oil. Olive oil. In that order.

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            That's my trio, too. I prob. use olive oil a bit more than coconut oil.

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              I cook a LOT of curries, mostly Sri Lankan (my husband is Sri Lankan), and coconut oil is the fat of choice for those dishes, so coconut oil is used a LOT.

              I should probably add that coconut oil used to be in my top spot, but I've not been able to find it in Malaysia, where I am now, so I've had to stock up when we were in Singapore (Mustafa's for the win!) and my mother in law even brought some from Sri Lanka when they came for a visit, but because I can't easily get it, I now have to ration it. Which so totally sucks. If I had easy access to it, it would still be in my top position.

          2. Lipids are tools in the shop. It's best to make sure and grab the right one for the job. I mean, you might be able to hang a shelf with a hammer, but I wouldn't suggest displaying antiques on it.

            That being said, olive oil is probably my duct tape.

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              Good answer, IMHO. I like the metaphor of fats as tools. One tool can only do so much. You need a "toolkit."Same would apply to vinegars, soy sauces, starches, and so on.

              All that said, my frequently used ones are olive oil (def #1), butter, and generic vegetable oils if I'm making something highly seasoned, like a pot of chili. If I'm in a stir-frying phase, I use peanut oil, for its high smoke point.

              I also have lard and duck fat in the freezer for special applications. But I'll go months without using either.

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                Probably good I find golf so damn boring, huh?