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May 6, 2014 08:24 PM

Family Reunion Chinese Food Recs

We are having a family reunion this summer. WIll be focused on the Markham area. As I'm not from Toronto, looking for Chinese food recs from locals. Family originally from HK and like good authentic HK food.

1. Best Dim Sum places (i'm sure there will be several). Only weekends or weekdays as well?

2. Best Seafood/Banquet place to have a High End Chinese Banquet style dinner?

3. Best Noodle Place

4. Any other can't miss places? Shanghai? Tawainese styles?



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  1. Best Dim Sum: Yang's Chinese Cuisine, Markham ( Corner Leslie & Hwy7 ), Skyview ( Woodbine, South of Hwy7 ) or Casa Imperial ( Steeles, East of Warden ).

    Best Seafood Banquet place : Yang's Chinese Cuisine, Dragon Boat Chinese Fusion ( Hwy7 & Beaver Creek ) or O' Mei ( Hwy7 & Valleymede ) for its Giant Lobster 4-5 ways. ( I have reviewed all 3. Just do a search and you'll see write-up and photos ). Both Casa Imperial or Casa Victoria for really high end fine dining, involving whole suckling piglet, Braised Abalone and Sharks fin soup...etc.

    Best Noodle Place: Won Ton Hut ( Warden & Hwy7 ) for Won-Ton, Shui-Gow dumplings, Braised Chui-Hau Beef Brisket and Tendons ans Penny Hot Sauce Lo-Mien,

    Best Wok-Hay Noodles: Richmond Court, Time Square for 'Gone Chau Ngau Ho' or Fried Noodles with Beef and blackbean sauce...etc

    Wok Hay Stirred fry: Judy's Kitchen - Times Square

    Nostalgic Cantonese + Fusion: Fung Lam Court ( Kennedy & Denison ) eg., Dungeness Crab in Creamy Rum sauce, Steamed fish intestine, Pig's Lung and Almond Milk double boiled soup...etc

    Northern Style: Northern Dumpling Kitchen ( great Xiao Lun Bao, Pot Stickers ) and La Mere - Both inside Time Square.

    Chui Chow: Oriental Gourmet ( Hwy7 & McCowan ). Pre-order their Smoked Free Range Chicken! Amazingly delicious!

    HAVE FUN!!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thanks Charles! Sounds like you are the resident Chinese Food expert on this forum for Toronto. I'll have to look at all your reviews. Are you from HK?

      1. re: pkkz124

        First off, welcome to the Toronto/Ontario board.

        Yes, I was originally from Hong Kong. Now residing in Toronto. With friends and relatives still living over there, I regularly go back about once a year and eat my hearts off for about a month!

        Back to TO. Do check out for some other interesting award eating ideas.

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Thanks! My wife and I are into Asian fusion and high end places as well. Any thoughts on Susur lee places or other must try places for that?

          1. re: pkkz124

            From a Chinese perspective, I have to admit I am not a fan of Susur's food. Finding him using 'camouflage' to dress up 'run of the mill' Chinese food/cooking and selling them at an exorbitant price.
            I once had a plate of Fried Squid tentacles with spicy peppered salt, from one of his ex-restaurant, a while back, where he charged around $25. At that time, a similar plate with larger quantity can be had at one of the finer Dim Sum restaurants for $3.00!
            Similarly a small piece of seared Foie Gras on top of a square piece of ordinary double braised 'Dung Bor Yoak' pork belly cost more than a meal at a Chinese restaurant packed full of seafood dishes!
            I guess this is the premium price one pays for eating at a 'celebrity chef' establishment. If you are into this sort of thing, no harm adding the experience to your diary?!
            BTW, Susur's winning challenges during the Top Chef Master competition really did not reflect how tasty his food is. Since, IMHO, I found judges tend to favor participants producing dishes using exotic and unfamiliar Asian/Oriental seasoning/taste profile.

        2. re: pkkz124

          A lot of us in TO rely on Charles' chowfinds and advice.

          For high end banquet, spending $600+ should get you a private dining room with very attentive service at Casa Imperial. If you google the pictures on yelp, it used to be a steakhouse - so it's actually a house-like restaurant with interesting decor. And you can bring your own wine for a corkage fee.

          If you like stinky tofu, TO has a couple of places where you can try it out as well.