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May 6, 2014 07:39 PM

Barcelona - Where is Ferran - seems like Albert is calling the shot?

Does Ferran develop the food and Albert runs the business? In this interview, Ferran isn't mentioned, is he? We met Albert in late 2012 and found him quite charming which I think few describe Ferran that way :) Any thought?

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    This article taught me and explained the relationships.

    1. I've always been under the impression that these were all Albert's restaurants with Ferran being a business partner with the input that that involves and the only place where he was more hands-on was Tickets.

      I read the other article much too quickly, but I didn't see where it explained their business relationship. Could you point out the text?

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        "Now, as Ferran burnishes his legacy—building the El Bulli Foundation, a multimillion-dollar center for culinary innovation, and BulliPedia, an online food encyclopedia—Albert is staking his individual reputation on several ambitious projects, all in Barcelona. (Ferran, as ever, is an investor and an ally, but these are Albert’s gigs.) "

        It had seemed to me that Ferran was the 'rock star' and Albert the baby brother. Matters not in the least. Tickets was great and I'm betting they all are or will be.

        1. re: c oliver

          They have always worked very closely together so I am not certain you can pull them apart. They may focus on different projects but their ethos will run through them all.

        1. re: feralcow

          Great article. Thanks for sharing. BCN is special in so many ways and it sounds like Albert is just making it better.

          1. re: feralcow

            I find this fascinating. I've lived long enough..and read about things before my time... to pick up echos. It is enjoyable, from here in the cheap seats. I wish the late George Lang were here to comment.