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May 6, 2014 06:52 PM

non-stick vs cast iron stove-top grilles

I was going to purchase a cast iron stove top grille, when I saw the non-stick stove top grille that weighs a lot less.
What is your experience/advice/opinion of the non stick??
Thanks...itchin' to buy one or the other...

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  1. I wouldn't want a nonstick grille, because it's potentially a high-heat application. I don't think the nonstick surface would hold up.

    I'm partial to carbon steel, myself.

    1. I wouldn't want nonstick either. We have a cast iron grill/griddle that we love, but I would consider the new one from Baking Steel if I was buying now. The other side is an awesome pizza stone! It is more griddle than grill though.

      1. I have to 2nd GH1618's high heat concerns. Non stick Teflon coatings warn against high heat. Not only will high heat degrade the non stick properties of the Teflon but some research suggest health concerns exist when Teflon is overheated.

        Any cast or carbon steel surface can be made pretty slippery with a little dab of lard:-)

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        1. re: Tom34

          I'm not sure what's worse lard or the nonstick Teflon lol

          1. re: VeganVick

            I don't know but I do know what lard is :-)

        2. +1 on the non stick comment, also... More weight = more thermal mass = good

          1. I'm with everyone else on the health concerns with high heat non-stick. I would absolutely go with cast iron or carbon steel.