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May 6, 2014 06:01 PM

Honeymoon in Nova Scotia

After reading the boards I've come up with a list of places we should eat while in the area of Lunenburg and Halifax. Are there any updates on restuarants we should know about? Any restuarants on this list we should skip or add on?
• The knot Pub for lunch
• Fleur de Sel
• The Salt Shaker Deli
• The Rum Runner Inn
• Savvy Sailor
• Chives
• Two Doors Down (lunch, sister res of Chives)
• Gio
• Edna
• Ave Burger in Gus’ Pub for burger
• Fredies Fantastic Fish House fish and chips
• Old Triangle Irish Ale House

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  1. Ratinaud. In house made charcuterie. Great shop and well worth the visit for taking out to hotel or a picnic. Has bread from local bakery. Just add the wine!!! I am from Mass and travel there on business twice a year. Ryer lobster on way to Peggy's Cove if you like picnic tables and a nice view of water. Great Black point oysters and fresh scallops you can eat as sashimi directly from container. Lobster also BYOB. I have found there is minimal action on this board

    1. These are all good places. Please note, it is "Ace Burger", not Ave Burger. I hear Freddie's Fantastic Fish House is amazing, but if you don't feel like eating in Bayer's Lake, I would suggest Evans Fresh Seafood near the ferry terminal in Dartmouth. Best seafood in Halifax, imo.

      As for updates, the Agricola Street Brasserie is a worthy addition to the restaurant scene in Halifax.

      I'm not sure that the Old Triangle is a destination pub, but it has solid pub food.

      1. I would agree about Freddie's. It's good, but not in a great spot.

        1. I would add Brooklyn Warehouse (the Dragon's Breath Caesar salad is out of this world) and Two if By Sea for the coffee and pastries. And definitely hit up Edna- it's my favourite these days :)

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          1. Hello kendylee. I live in Halifax and usually eat out 3-5 times a week. My food comparisons are based on Toronto and Montreal expectations (I consider both my homes).

            I was actually at Edna's yesterday. It is well prepared food but does not stand out to me in terms of food or service the way Brooklyn Warehouse or Agricola Street Brasserie would (two excellent suggestions other posters have mentioned, at the same price point). I feel because it is the hot restaurant of the moment it attracts many people who want to have a glamorous experience (which is not a bad experience, I am just relating what the crowd can be like).

            Agricola Street Brasserie has a lovely wine list and Brooklyn Warehouse has wonderful food - both have very friendly and pleasant staff and management, pleasing atmosphere, and attract an eclectic mix of customers. I feel perfectly comfortable turning up as a solo diner or in jeans and a tee-shirt at either (that said at Agricola people tend to dress up - as at Edna). Edna is a perfectly good choice of course, but if you are looking for other spots in that experience / price range I would suggest Brooklyn Warehouse and Agricola Street Brasserie as possible alternatives.

            If you enjoy wine, I would suggest Obladee wine bar in Halifax for pre-dinner drinks. Again, great staff and an eclectic mix of diners.

            If you love oysters or lobster, I would recommend Waterfront Warehouse (even though it is a tourist trap and the rest of the food is rather forgettable). The chef's oyster selection is nice and I ate over 70 in one sitting there on my first visit. I find the quality superior to the oyster happy hour at Five Fishermen. Agricola Street Brasserie also has great oysters. Regarding lobster I have taken seafood lovers with only Red Lobster as a guide to Waterfront Warehouse, and they loved the lobster specials there. The lobster is much more reasonably priced than high end restaurants in the area, yet just as well prepared (and far better than anything you will have at Red Lobster).

            I know they are not on your list but I would avoid Five Fishermen, as well as McKelvie's, if anyone suggests them. The food is decent, the atmosphere lovely, and the service great - but you will be overpaying for the meal.

            My co-workers all have great things to say about the Old Triangle, including many tales of drunken good fun. I have not visited but often walk past on my way to the comic shop. In the warm months the patio is filled with very happy looking customers devouring yummy looking meals.