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May 6, 2014 04:36 PM

How do you take your yogurt (in terms of temperature)?

Whether it's regular, Greek, plain, flavored, fruit mixed in or on the bottom, homemade or packaged, what's your preferred temperature for yogurt?

I used to just mindlessly eat yogurt cold, or just straight from the fridge.

I started just recently eating my yogurt at room temperature by leaving it out for about 1/2 hour before partaking and find that the yogurt tastes significantly different and more importantly, better.

More tart, and for lack of a better word, more "yogurt-y".

No surprise, of course, given that cold tends to mute flavors.

It's just a surprise (to me, anyway) that I didn't start doing this sooner.

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  1. I leave it out when I remember. It does bring out the tartness.

    1. Ideally mid-way between fridge temp and room temp. I prefer to still have a bit of a chill on it.

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      1. Usually it's lunchtime when I'm eating my yogurt, and it's been sitting in my little paisley lunchbag next to my desk for two hours with a less than adequate freezer pouch in the bag. So it's probably about 55 to 60 degrees by the time I get to it. I never really noticed whether it tastes better that way.

        1. In my mind, all fluid milk products need to be cold. Yogurt, even the thicker types, is a fluid; and so is glass -- the latter just moves more slowly.

          1. I prefer yogurt room temperature for the exact reasons you identified. Especially when I'm eating something hot or at least warm (i.e. gyros, chaat, spinach pie), cold yogurt is the last thing I want on top.