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Fish Tacos - can use a recommendation

Can anyone suggest a sit-down spot for good fish tacos? Something a bit nicer than the storefront with two tables?


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    1. Not as nice as Empellon, but Taqueria LES has good fish tacos, in a fun atmosphere.

      1. Oceana

        It's on the bar menu, but you can order it during dinner, dunno about lunch, however.

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          ...for dinner....I should have mentioned. Thank you for the suggestion but I think over-budget for this particular outing. Will hold for next time.

          1. el paso tacqueria east 97th st.

            1. All good suggestions. Thank you, all. 1st stop will be Empellon Taqueria.

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                I liked the fish tempura taco with cabbage and lime mayo at Empellon Taqueria. Also try the smoked cashew sauce that comes with the guac - truly outstanding.

              2. Sembrado's are decent, but i like their Al Pastor and Shrimp ones better...

                1. Probably too late for OP, but for posterity sake, Spiegel (EV) does a respectable fish taco dish with mahi mahi.

                  1. Casellula, on West 54th, and Bar Centrale, on West 46th.

                    1. We're big fans of the Fish Salpicon at Fonda. We've been known to get two appetizer portions and call it dinner. :)

                      The tortillas are served warm in a basket and you assemble your own.