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May 6, 2014 03:33 PM

Girls nights locations in the suburbs?

We all located in the North Central and North Eastern suburbs and looking for someplace fun with really good food for the spring edition of girls night.

In the past we've done Lambertville Station, Mad Mex Willow Grove, Ooka Willow Grove/Doylestown and Blue Sage Southampton so looking for other ideas.


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  1. Sounds fun.

    Doylestown -- Honey is a really fun, sophisticated restaurant with a great cocktail list. A lot of small plates and different items to share. Great vibe, but can feel a little intimate

    Newtown -- Oishii is a sushi place similar to Ooka in Doylestown. Some of the best dishes are the Korean ones, such as Bibimbap. It's BYOB and a fun scene considering the otherwise staid location

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      Strongly +2 for Honey.. really great restaurant. Small plates lots of fun. So much to love about the place. Really fun place if you go mid week. Packed on weekends.

      I would throw out the following places

      1. Sprig and Vine in New Hope for haute vegetarian. Its as close to Vedge without going to Vedge.

      2. Haute Mexican.. Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington.

      3. BYO Farm to table... Maize in Perkasie.

      4. And I know you are near Frenchtown but if you can get your gfs to Lambertville, you might as well go to the Pass in Rosemont.

      5. The antithesis of Blue Sage.. go to the Lucky Well in Ambler. BBQ.. great sides and a really nice cocktail program.

    2. D'Floret in Lambertville.
      Mirnas in Jenkintown
      Maize in Perkasie

      1. Samarkand in Feasterville. It's a BYOB. My wife and her friends love it.

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          Samarkand is great!

          I'd also suggest Charcoal BYOB in Yardley, stopping by The Vault for beer or local wine first. They are walking distance from each other.