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May 6, 2014 03:24 PM

How to serve bigass bottle of vodka?

We generally buy nice liquor, but I always keep a huge bottle of Smirnoff around for mixed drinks and making things like room spray and the CI Vodka pie crust.

We are having people over for brunch this weekend, and I'd prefer not to have a 1.75 liter bottle of cheap vodka sitting out next to my nicely laid out bloody mary fixins. I have glass decanters that we usually use for whiskey, and one is currently empty, but it seems kind of weird putting vodka in a decanter like that? Any other ideas, or is a decanter not weird?

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  1. Pour into a decanter and call it the house special. :)

    1. I agree, a decanter is fine. Or... poor it in a clear glass pitcher and see how many mistake it for water ;-)

      1. If you're serving other spirits in decanters, why not? It would help to have label for it, but if it's with other bloody mary stuff I don't think most of us would mistake it for gin. And the decanter will be understood as containing booze, not water.

        That said, it never offends me to see a bigass bottle of Smirnoff in such a setting, or Seagram's or whatever. Generic from CVS, well …

        1. Just stick the handle on the table. What's the big deal? Hell, Smirnoff does amazingly well in blind tastings. Blows away the so called super premiums.

          1. Thanks for the input. It's not that I'm embarassed that I'm serving smirnoff, I just prefer to have things that are a little bit more manageable in size. I have some clear glass pitchers, or I could use the whiskey decanter. I also have some fancier short liquor bottles (dry fly, etc) that I could try stripping the paint from, that way I could keep the vodka frozen prior to serving...