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May 6, 2014 02:57 PM

Next Indonesian Food Bazaar: Church not Mosque

Hey, everybody, the next Indonesian Food Bazaar that I know of will be this Sat., May 17th, in the auditorium of the First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills, 70-35 112th St., Forest Hills (duh) NY.

The flyer says it's "organized by Indonesian Foodie & Goodie NYC."

It also says: "E, F, M, R, train to 71st Ave - Continental. Use north exits to Queens Blvd. Walk 2 blocks north along 71st Ave.

It also says 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm, but they may run out of food earlier than that.

It also says:

Featured vendors:
- Foodie and Goodie Home Cooks: rice platters with iconic Indonesian dishes and made-to-order specialities [sic]
- Nina Mae Kitchen: a variety of kue basah (traditional fresh munchies)
- Bilbingka-esk [?]: Filipino treats & dessert
- Burmese Home Cooks

It also says:

All proceeds from this event will go to Ranah Orphanage in Lampung, Indonesia.

That's all that it says.

There was a cooking class at the Indonesian Consulate last Saturday, (I didn't go to that, but to a music rehearsal afterward), and they had a large printed banner hung up; photo attached.

I asked about the wording, and a couple of people there thought for a few seconds and then said that it makes more sense in Indonesian. They suggested that it might have been a computer translation.

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  1. Here are food photos from last year's event...

    ...which at the time I thought might be a one-off. Glad to know that that the goodies...

    ...will be back for another go.

    Dave Cook

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    1. re: DaveCook

      I would not encourage Indonesian food lovers to take this event for granted, counting on the Masjid Al-Hikmah monthly food bazaar's this summer. I stopped in back of there recently and spoke someone who says they're not expecting those to happen this year. If anyone has other information, I know many of us would be interested in hearing it.

      Meanwhile, this event in Forest Hills sounds great.

      1. re: round2

        Why would those not happen this year?

        1. re: AubWah

          Because that's what they told him!

          "I stopped in back of there recently and spoke someone who says they're not expecting those to happen this year."

          The first one is usually in May. AubWah, do you have any info that it's happening?

        2. re: round2

          Hi, one of the ladies who usually cooks for the mosque bazaar just told me that she thinks there will be the first one of the season on June 1, but she's not sure. (And she won't be available on June 1, so she might not have been paying much attention.)

          I also asked one of the people who used to run it, but he's been busy with other things and isn't involved with it, or the mosque, the way he used to be.

          I'll ask other people and report back if I find anything useful.

          1. re: geckoFeet

            Any news? :) it doesn't feel like summer without the bazaar!

      2. Here's a bit more info (via an email I received from the event organizer) re: what will be available on Saturday at the bazaar:

        "For the Burmese menu, the cook informed us that she'll make Noodle Salad, Preserved Mango Salad & Ginger salad.

        As for Indonesian menu, our team will have Lontong Sayur-rice cube with green papaya & chayote curry with choice of chicken or tofu, Tekwan-Minced fishball soup from Palembang, Nasi Rames-rice platter with choice of 3 items, Soto Ayam-Indonesian chicken soup with lemongrass, ginger & other spices, Nasi Lengko-vegetarian rice platter with tofu, tempeh, beansprout, peanut & soy sauce, Nasi Goreng Babat-beef tripe fried rice.

        We will have more items, but we'd like to surprise the people because we use exotic ingredients such as torch ginger flower, keluwak nut, sator bean & blue pea flower. I promise the cooking on site will be interesting too.

        Our guest vendor: Nina Mae Kitchen will have assorted Kue Basah-traditional Indonesian munchies. ...A lot of her munchies are unique & not every vendor in New York makes them.

        Another vendor: Dapurnya The Tio, she's a regular at the mosque bazaar, but she will have Balado Jengkol-Dognut with chili & spices."

        1. Anybody else make it here? I came by late, around 3:20, so I missed the tripe fried rice unfortunately.

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          1. re: AubWah

            Yeah, we were there about 45 minutes before you and *just* missed the tripe fried rice, and by the time we left, a lot more of the food was running out

            The vendors had signs up indicating where the food came from, or was typical, which was a nice feature. This was a much smaller deal than the mosque bazaar, though, and had a much greater proportion of non-Indonesians.

            1. re: AubWah

              A few choice items, like the blue-tinted sticky rice with durian sauce, were already cleaned out by the time I left, for another engagement, at 1:30. Sorry you missed out!

              Dave Cook

            2. Half news - there's supposed to be a not-at-the-mosque bazaar on June 21, but it's not at the mosque (same people as formerly at the mosque), and I don't know the location yet. Jackson Heights somewhere.

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                1. re: geckoFeet

                  Via a friend of a friend, the attached flyer promotes an Indonesian bazaar on June 21, 2014, at a church in Woodside. Though the listed hours are 1:00-9:00, apparently food will be served only till about 5:00. My friend couldn't say what food would be available, or in what variety. geckoFeet, can you confirm that this is the bazaar you'd heard of, and that at least some of the familiar folks from Masjid al-Hikmah will be serving food at City Blessing Church?

                  Dave Cook

                  1. re: DaveCook

                    Yup, that's what I heard. I mentioned this in a message that I can't find now, so maybe it disappeared. Sorry!

                    A couple of the ladies that cook for the mosque said that at least some of the mosque people will be there (although the ladies who told me that won't be there themselves; they have another event, as do I, so I won't be there either - would appreciate any reports). I think there's also a fashion show or something like that scheduled, which might be funny or tragic, but I have no eye for that sort of thing. The batiks should be pretty, at least.

                    City Blessing Church
                    38-2 61st St

                    Directions here:

                    Remember that these things tend to run out of food, so getting there earlier is always a good idea.

                2. Siiiigggghh. Sorry that the Mosque doesn't seem to be bazaaring this year, but hope they have another Jackson Heights event. Am missing Tuti's satay incredibly!!