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Non-touristy near Prince Arthur

Hi CH'ers,

My team at work will be heading to Ye Olde Orchard Pub on Prince Arthur (near St Laurent) for trivia night next week, and we're looking for somewhere to eat beforehand. Ideally walking distance, not too pricy, open to all cuisines, and able to accommodate a group of about 15. All my searches give me terrible tourist traps. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. The Vietnamese place right next door to the Orchard, Au 14 Prince-Arthur Ouest, is not touristy. It's been around 15-20 years, and can handle your group. You may wanna push some tables together so you aren't scattered across four tops.

    1. You prefer not to eat at YOO itself? Food isn't terrible: I kinda like the pork and apple pie with mashed potatoes. It helps to arrive really early on trivia nights when with a large group.

      Marche 27 across the street is good, though ive not been since the december/January poisonings.

      1. BIg in Japan (St. Laurent @ Pine) is decent and they could seat you in two booths in the back.

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          Last time we were at BIJ over lunch it took 1.5 hours in-and-out the door. Unbelievably slow service.

        2. The Main and Janos is about 5 blocks away. Both may cater to tourists, but are not touristy.

          1. How about Ruby Burma?

            1. Thanks all! Dining at YOO is an option, but I have a colleague that wasn't too fond of the food the last time she ate there. We're also going to find out how early we have to get there and that may be a deciding factor.

              Big in Japan and Janos are on the shortlist, as well as Prato.

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                Janos and Prato are better than YOO, in my opinion.

                I've only eaten at YOO once; I had the pork and apple pie that Fintastic mentioned above and was thoroughly disappointed.

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                  Prato has a private room in the back that would be perfect for your group size. Excellent pizza (and a couple of other options) too.

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                    I *wanted* to like Big in Japan (its one of Bourdain's favorite Montreal spots afterall), but a way overpriced lunch kinda put me off.

                    Don't know when charade night is at the Orchard, but if its on the weekend, make sure Prato is open. Many times quaffing beer at Cabane (which is either Sat or Sun for me), I'd watch the line grow and shrink at Schwartz as well as see the chairs on the tables next door at Prato.
                    Prato (514) 285-1616

                  2. There's always Juliette et Chocolat for crepes, on the corner of Prince Arthur and St. Laurent.