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May 6, 2014 12:44 PM

What are you putting on Toast?

The usual morning 'butter and jelly toast' has got me bored. This morning i topped my toast with sliced up avocado, sea salt and lime juice. It was really tasty. What other kinds of things are people putting on their toast??

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  1. I've been liking liverwurst and onions lately. Whipped cream cheese and minced, pickled habaneros are good too.

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    1. re: MGZ

      I'm thinking the liverwurst, onions, cream cheese and habaneros all together right?

      1. re: helmut fig newton

        I'm afraid I have yet to try 'em all on a single slice. Truth is, a recent trip to a favorite deli resulted in my having over-acquired both the goose and calves' liver "pates" that they make. Consequently, the 'wurst left lunch and became breakfast. Cream cheese and chiles is more of an "old standby" - "I started out on [cherry peppers], but soon hit the harder stuff."

        I'm glad you started this thread. Toast is not a trend, toast is a treat. After all, it's a blank canvas of warm, crunchy bread.

        And bread. Well . . .

        Bread, begging the pardon of the gluten-free gourmets and the low-carb lifestylers, is beauty. Bread is the source of life - everyday and everlasting. It is feast and fodder for poets, philosophers, and priests - proletariat, politicians, and prosperous. It is synonymous with both food and money; used to celebrate faith, family, and friendship.

        Moreover, bread is one of those wonderful goodies that provides in scrumptious stages.* You have the glory that is the "tear off a chunk while it's still kinda warm" of a fresh loaf. Then, the next-day magic of toast. Finally, the "kick save and a beaut" of crunchy, cubed croutons or the humble, protein extender of ground crumbs.

        (For what its worth, I went with a slice of emmenthaler on toasted rye this morning.)

        *Turkey is another "stage food"; providing a tasty source of, in order, supper, sandwich, salad, and stock.

        1. re: MGZ

          Toast is a treat! This morning I did a thin layer of dijon on rye. Then a small amount of cream cheese. then some pieces of smoked trout. It made me really happy.
          I love your description of the stages of bread. It's like life!

    2. Right now I'm doing pb and speculoos spread.

        1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

          that sounds really good. I'm definitely thinking savory all the way! are you making or buying the mousse?

          1. re: helmut fig newton

            Buying it, but I'm probably going to start making it in the near future. I just have a really good source for it and it'll probably take a few tries before I get it right.

        2. Schmear PB first thing in the morning keeps me going for hours.

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          1. I tried plain avocado, but I like the idea of using salt & lime with it.
            I had fresh garlic butter toast yesterday, but it gives me heartburn. :)
            And since I have a lot of clotted cream left over from a tea I just did, I've been eating toast & cream.

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            1. re: joycebre

              Avocado, chili powder, cumin, s & p, red pepper flakes and then top it off with a runny egg. Heavenly. :)