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May 6, 2014 11:45 AM

Central Coast linguica and other good stuff

I went to Cal Poly SLO as an undergrad and grad student and worked in northern Santa Barbara County ... years and years ago. We are finally getting back there for a visit and two things at the top of the list are Jocko's for steaks (have not heard good things about the Far Western since they moved from Guadalupe) and securing good old school linguica (have mail ordered from Cattaneo Brothers and it misses my mark). Are there any good meat markets/sausage makers still around? Also would appreciate any suggestions for good and unpretentious restaurants and wineries (Santa Maria to Paso Robles). Thanks!

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  1. Rays Own Brand makes linguica as well as other great sausages. You can find it in most of the markets in the SLO area as well as their location in Edna. The Village Butcher Shop in Arroyo Grande also makes quite a range of sausage. Up the road in Templeton, try JR Meats. They are in the Trader Joes shopping center off the Vineyard exit. They also make their own sausages. Pier 46 is a nice stop for seafood by the way. They make a very credible cioppino.

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      Could you tell us more about JR Meats? It pains me when I spot the Paso store when I'm heading south on 101 and don't have time to stop.

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        Well, the their site pretty well lays it out. They are a local meat processor, meaning they can handle livestock as well as game. I've tried their sausage once and it was quite good. They have expanded to offering sandwiches of late as well. i haven't tried them yet, but my guess is the saw the volume of traffic next door and decided their was money to made by doing so.

    2. We were big fans of the Rib-Eye at Far Western in Guadalupe, when we lived in California. That and a trip to the wine country of Santa Barbara county always was enjoyable. The hills at sunset reminded us of Tuscany

      The best local source for Linguica according to our Brasilian and Portuguese friends is Barcelos, located then in Tracy, CA. We ordered the linguica online, specified as the spicy-hot mixture, and had it delivered fresh, in an insulated-pack

      Never disappointed, either grilled, stews, or in Feijoada, and it was kept in the freezer, to be pulled and used as needed.!pro...

      1. We liked the Far Western in its new digs. Menu is good and the feel is pretty much the same as the old one. Of course, nothing matches the old funk of the former railway hotel whistle stop setting. But don't turn your nose up completely at its new and charming Orcutt Old Town location.

        Good and unpretentious you say -- our favorite is Mo's BBQ on the main drag in Pismo Beach - order the Philty Phil ribs with fixings and see if you are not as happy as we have always been with that choice.

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          There was a period when Far Western after they moved decided to go up scale so to speak. They brought in a local "Chef Charlie" to revamp the menu. I guess he is a you love him or hate Guy. For the old fans, this meant higher prices and smaller portions. And they quit coming. The latest I've heard is they have let him go and tried to go back to the old formula that worked for them so long.

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            I think you mean Chef Rick who is a bit of a local legend in having brought some finer dining to these parts.. He did upgrade the old FWT menu a bit, but did not tamper with the classic FWT standbys. It was nice to have more choices.

            But he now has his own business which I think is now only catering and the FWT has found a comfy groove in its new digs so I think you will find much to like again.Cattle heads on the wall, buckskin and late bordello with a lighter touch, family oversight, the whole thing.

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              Your right, Chef Rick. Chef Charlie is in North County.

        2. Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. It has become apparent that I'll need to start fasting two weeks before the trip and I'll also need several very large coolers. Oh darn.