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May 6, 2014 11:32 AM

Jumex Juices kosher?

Anyone have info re kashrut of Jumex Juices? In advertisements they claim they're kosher but I can't seem to find any further info (like who gives the certification) I've looked on their site and on various kashrut sites (OU, CRC, Kof-K) but haven't had any luck. (I will email them but thought some fellow chowhounders mah already know the info,)

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  1. It looks like they are certified by KMD Mexico

    Apparently Star-K likes this Hechsher

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    1. re: follick

      I was in Price Rite today and there was a display of Jumex juices and nectars in 6 flavors. No markings on the cartons from the Kashrut Authority in Mexio.

      So when I came home, I followed the link and see that only the 'Unico' (which I assume means not blended with other fruit) Orange and Grapefruit are under supervision.

      Of course Price Rite does not carry Orange or Grapefruit, lots of strawberry, mango, pear and blends.

      So much for buying Jumex.

      1. re: bagelman01

        Jumex translates Unico Fresco as Fresher Taste.

        "Fresher Taste: Not concentrate 100% natural juice with no water, sugar or conservatives added. Given its bottling technology, all its flavor, scents and nutritional contents are preserved."

        Ah well, they say it's only kosher with the KMD hechsher