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May 6, 2014 11:28 AM

Restaurant recommendations in DC

Hello fellow hounders! I live in New York and have practically no sense of DC whatsoever. I'm looking for a good dining experience, with more or less the following wants:

- Contemporary farm-to-table type, erring more on rustic plating than composed. No molecular gastronomy ala minibar.
- Prefer not to be forced to a tasting menu-type situation
- I don't mind spending $$$$ but I don't want stuffy service. To compare, I love Betony here but would prefer not going to an EMP.
- service just as important as food
- quiet to moderate sound level; adult

Suggestions? Thank you!

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    Corduroy fits your description. It's quiet, the service is very professional.

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    1. re: Worldwide Diner

      Thank you for the suggestion. I ended up going to Birch and Barley, a much less formal experience, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

    2. It's been around awhile but I adore "Nora's".