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May 6, 2014 11:05 AM

Coffee Shops and Lunch Options in Southfield

Tomorrow I need to go out to Southfield for a meeting later in the day and will need to do some work from there in the morning/early afternoon. I was looking for a good coffee shop with free wi-fi, tables/space to work from, and appropriate to make a phone call or 2. I could always go to a Starbucks but I would prefer something more local/with more character if I can find it. Bonus points if they have good food.

Barring a coffeeshop with good food, I'm looking for lunch options in Southfield as well. Something not to expensive and won't take 2 hours to get through a meal. My husband just started a job out in Southfield so I imagine I will meet him out in that area about once a month for lunch so it would be good to have some options.


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  1. Southfield is kind'a spread out. Can you be a bit more specific re: where in Southfield?

    For food ...

    Beans & Cornbread; WiFi avail
    Sweet Lorraine's; dunno about WiFi
    Star Deli
    Bigalora Cucina
    Mr. Joe's (bar food, dunno about WiFi)
    McVee's Pub - ditto
    Balloon Saloon - ditto

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      Anywhere technically is ok. But my husband's office is near the Westin hotel so not too far from there would be good.

      These are good choices though. I like Sweet Lorraine's.

      Any coffee shop ideas?

    2. Not Southfield, but Chazzano Coffee on 9 Mile in Ferndale is really good. But I don't recall much on the way of food.

      1. Second Sweet Lorraine's

        Might also try the Lunch Cafe in Berkley, right on 12 Mile, or Coco Fairfields which specifically says they have wifi on their website