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May 6, 2014 10:55 AM

Saturday dinner recs in Central Sq for a group of 12 year-olds and adult chaperones

So my kiddo turns 12 next month and we're taking her and about ten of her friends to ImprovBoston for the "family friendly" show. The show is at 6 so we're looking for a local place (walkable, if at all possible but T-able is also ok) for dinner. Pizza is not an option as our kid is dairy-free. TIA, my brain is kind of on the fritz and I can't really imagine a good spot.

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  1. Veggie Galaxy comes to mind right away. It's similar to a diner inside and has a vegetarian/vegan menu. Great for dairy free/gluten free people. Their desserts are wonderful. (But.....they close between 3 and 5 so that may not work for you.) Thelonious Monkfish might work, too. (They serve other things besides fish!) Garden at the Cellar would also be a thought. Sounds like fun!

    1. If it's not on a Tuesday, my choice would be Mary Chung. Good for large groups, no dairy, nearby, very tasty.

      1. Mary Chungs, Moksa and Cuchi Cuchi come to mind. Would a cheese less pizza not work? Area Four would be perfect minus your no dairy requirement. That said, they do have other items on the menu besides pizza.

        1. I know you said no pizza, but Flatbread Pizza in Davis Square does offer a vegan, non-dairy pizza (only one option, but you can check the menu online and see if it would work). The location is very convenient to the Red Line stop in Davis Square and it's a good spot for large groups.

          1. Is this for before the show or after?

            Suggest places kids like, not wildly expensive: Life Alive, Beantown Taqueria, Miracle of Science, Veggie Galaxy, Patty Chen's Dumpling House (haven't been myself). If you T from Harvard: Border Cafe, Wagamama, Tasty Burger or Shake Shack.