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May 6, 2014 10:25 AM

Conservative vs. Liberal dining and grocery comparisons........

OMG Apparently I like to dine like a liberal !!!!!

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  1. Due to the overwhelming love fest for Whole paycheck and Trader Joe's on this site, I would suggest there is a slight tendency towards the left.

    But no true hound would be caught in any of the other chains. Red or Blue.

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      I suspect I'd have to cross several Sate lines to even find most of them.

      1. re: mike0989

        And I'd have to cross an ocean to find all but one.

    2. That article gave me an identity crisis. I've never eaten the food at any of the places listed. Worse, I go to both Acme and Foodtown since I can get to each without having to drive. I'm so confused. What do I believe?

      Oh wait. I have gone to Trader Joe's a few times. But that was only to check out the yoga pants.

      Now I'm starting to question the veracity of the data. Think about it - there's no choice for Benghazi! Damn Main Stream Media and their biased lies and cover-ups. . . .

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      1. re: MGZ

        No Ruth Chris?? That's what made me cross the great divide into liberalism!! Hillary 16' !!!!!!!! (ugggghh I can't believe I just typed that, God what I won't do for a good steak)

        Thank God I shop at Foodtown so perhaps I can still redeem my conservative values.

        I concur on your shopping at Trader Joes.

      2. Well that's pretty darn dumb given the huge correlation between both region + brand and region + politics. Anyway, I shop at A&P (since I'd have to drive hundreds of miles to shop at a safeway).

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        1. re: DGresh

          A&P, that's on the communist watch list!! You sympathizer, I bet you have a Putin tattoo somewhere you couldn't' show your parents. You're not fooling me!!!

        2. Hmm...the link is not working for me. So I guess I'm commenting on the comments here.

          I'm pretty far to the left. I have been in Whole Foods once, Trader Joe's twice. I rally against both whenever I hear folks wishing we had either in our town. In the last two towns I've lived in, we've been rich with local and regional grocery stores. I can't imagine why we need either of these.

          When I do shop at a non-local grocery store, it tends to be Kroger. The kind of run down despite being "spruced up" two years ago Kroger is about 8 blocks away. The prettified Kroger is about a five minute drive.

          Using my very unscientific method of mentally browsing through my friends and where they shop, I draw these conclusions:
          Moderates on either side with money: Shop at Fresh Market and want a Whole Foods

          Conservatives with money: Shop at Fresh Market and Schnucks, would never confess to wanting a Whole Foods

          Liberals with money: Shop at Fresh Market and locally owned natural foods stores, work to open cooperative grocery

          Progressives with money (I'm closest to this category): Shop at locally owned natural food stores, might pop into fresh market for a mango, wear "No Whole Foods in My Backyard T-shirts," work at opening cooperative grocery store but want it to be less whole foods-y than most cooperative grocery stores

          People with comfortable income that still requires them to think about purchases: Shop at Kroger, maybe Schnucks

          People struggling: Shop at Aldi, Wal-mart, Meier, maybe Kroger, Mexican grocery stores