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Your Best Richmond Casual Dinner

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So give me your best shot. A casual dinner in Richmond, VA that will have me eating at least one item that will make me swoon. I am already lovin' the whole fish at Mamma Zu and Edo Squid, and the South Anna Scramble at Black Sheep. But I am looking for soemthing else, open to any cuisine, any location....


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  1. Catfish at Comfort and The Devil's Mess for brunch at Millie's.

    1. Beef Tartar at Pasture

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          Yes, I have. I was a devotee of Peter Chang when he was in the DC area. I have heard excellent reports of his place in Charlottesville. But his Short Pump location left me very disappointed. Neither he nor the manager was on site (It was a weekend afternoon), and I don't remember everyhtinbg I ordered but those great coriander fish rolls his wife used to make were terrible. Other items were surprisingly bland, and I've heard negative reports from others I trust.

        2. The chicken at Comfort. It was BBQ chicken the last time I was there, and now it is roast chicken. It was a half chicken that was outrageously good. I was taken aback at how good it was. I'm assuming the roast chicken will be close to the BBQ.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions, and I am reporting back, sort of. My son juat finished his first year at VCU, so i will hopefully be able to take advantage of your suggestions in the future.

            We were in Richmond Friday night, and I was hoping to go to one of the suggestions here. My son had already been to Comfort and loved it. Also, steak tartare is maybe his favorite food, so I thought that Pasture would interest him.

            Unfortunately he had sushi on the brain for some reason. We wound up going to Sticky Rice which was miserable - or at least the concoctions we got; I let him order.

            Next time, no sushi!

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                That's unfortunate. If you should brave Richmond sushi again, I've had good luck here: http://www.osakasushiva.com

              2. Thanks to Janet from Richmond and chesapeake72000 for mentioning Comfort. I went my own way, getting the meatloaf, which was super sensational. Served steaming hot and a bit spicy. The side of squash casserole was so fresh and delicious that it puts others to shame. Absurdly great food. Went for lunch when prices are low for this quality. WIll go for catfish next time... not sure if they had roast chicken on the lunch menu.