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May 6, 2014 10:09 AM

Your Best Richmond Casual Dinner

So give me your best shot. A casual dinner in Richmond, VA that will have me eating at least one item that will make me swoon. I am already lovin' the whole fish at Mamma Zu and Edo Squid, and the South Anna Scramble at Black Sheep. But I am looking for soemthing else, open to any cuisine, any location....


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  1. Catfish at Comfort and The Devil's Mess for brunch at Millie's.

    1. Beef Tartar at Pasture

        1. re: carolinadawg

          Yes, I have. I was a devotee of Peter Chang when he was in the DC area. I have heard excellent reports of his place in Charlottesville. But his Short Pump location left me very disappointed. Neither he nor the manager was on site (It was a weekend afternoon), and I don't remember everyhtinbg I ordered but those great coriander fish rolls his wife used to make were terrible. Other items were surprisingly bland, and I've heard negative reports from others I trust.

        2. The chicken at Comfort. It was BBQ chicken the last time I was there, and now it is roast chicken. It was a half chicken that was outrageously good. I was taken aback at how good it was. I'm assuming the roast chicken will be close to the BBQ.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions, and I am reporting back, sort of. My son juat finished his first year at VCU, so i will hopefully be able to take advantage of your suggestions in the future.

            We were in Richmond Friday night, and I was hoping to go to one of the suggestions here. My son had already been to Comfort and loved it. Also, steak tartare is maybe his favorite food, so I thought that Pasture would interest him.

            Unfortunately he had sushi on the brain for some reason. We wound up going to Sticky Rice which was miserable - or at least the concoctions we got; I let him order.

            Next time, no sushi!

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                That's unfortunate. If you should brave Richmond sushi again, I've had good luck here: