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May 6, 2014 09:33 AM

Ma Peche - affordable?

We are visiting your wonderful city this weekend for a few days and I am looking for some info on Ma Peche. As I am doing the restaurant planning for a bunch of others who are convening in NY as well, I want to make sure I am not to heavy handed in the meals I choose. What would you say is the average pp charge, before tax and not including beverage. I can see everyone ordering say, 3-4 of the small plates and not sure what to expect with the family style - any insights?? Many thanks in advance and I owe you all one over on the Boston board when you visit us. :)

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  1. the price varies widely depending on what you order:

    passed plates $3-18
    chef’s specials $29-38

    conservatively, i would budget at least $60 per person before drinks, tax and tip.

    1. Ma peche also has the large format meals that would be a potentially more affordable option depending on the size of your group

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        Thank you both - I was hoping it was not $100+ - $60 is totally doable. And thanks for the tips on the family style tip. I look forward to the meal! :)

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          Had a terrific dinner at Ma Peche last night. Since a friend was dining with me, was able to try more of the dim sum offerings. Also ordered the special grilled asparagus with fried egg and pickapeppa hollandaise. Loved the rice cakes, deep fried short ribs, lobster, trout roe + potato pancakes, scallops, spicy apple salad, cod fritters, vegetable rice cakes, and the new ice cream cart. Service was very friendly, and the carts kept circling the dining room. With drinks, the cost was $70 per person.

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            Good to hear that you had a good experience. Would you mind telling us which of those dishes were on the carts?
            I liked the old format a lot and hope to return to sample the new one..

            1. re: erica

              All of the items except for the asparagus were available on the carts.

            2. re: ellenost

              Sounds great - getting psyched! :) Thanks!