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May 6, 2014 09:23 AM

Sea Bass frozen fillets! Ideas please!

So I brought some store brought frozen fillets of sea bass. I usually just buy a whole one and steam it (with ginger and spring onion) but I dont think steaming would be so great for thin fillets? I have a grill pan but have been warned off cooking with it as its non stick. I suspect a low flame will make a frozen sea bass soggy?
It also says can pan fry from frozen. Would you usually defrost?
Must say sea bass is not my forte!

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  1. For me this is where sous vide rocks! Cooking from frozen. Steaks, Chicken Breasts Fish Filets, You can defrost/cook without harm to texture. For example, I've got some frozen cod filets in my freezer. I will put them in a Ziploc with a little flavoring like compound butter, fresh herbs, pesto and cook them for a couple of hours. It will yield a wonderful flaky filet with a sauce right in the bag, no other preparation needed.if you don't have sous vide equipment search for DIY Sous Vide or Ghetto Sous Vide on Chowhound.

    1. Thaw, wrap each fillet in parchment paper with sliced veggies, lemon slices, herbs, splash of wine. Bake till steamy and serve.

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        The OP can use either patchment or foil. This recipe is very basic, change the flavors and herbs as you like:

      2. I have cooked from frozen before. I put it in a hot wok with butter and olive oil. Seasoned it with salt, pepper, and coriander. Removed from pan. Stir fried veggies of choice in same wok and put together on plate. My favorite veggies to stir fry are peas, corn, and kale from frozen. Great quick meal when I don't have fresh available.


        1. Thaw slowly in running cold water. Dry thoroughly with paper towels. Then fry gently and serve with a lemon caper (piccata) sauce. This is easy and works well with any similar fish which is not particularly interesting on its own.

          The sauce is just a flour and butter roux (easy on the flour!), then lemon juice and white wine (pinot grigio or similar) and capers. I add a little paprika to mine for interest.

          1. Just pan-fry.

            No defrost needed.

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              I could see this working well for thin cuts.