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May 6, 2014 09:09 AM

SGV: Did Hunan Seafood shutter?

I hate speculatin', but when I passed by on a recent Friday night during peak dinner hours, Hunan Seafood (or whatever the heck it was being called) was dark with a note on the door.

I realize the relevance of Hunan Seafood was next to nil since the building owner didn't renew the lease and John Huang took his chef and menu to the west and opened Hunan Mao, but I'm curious if it is fact gone.

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  1. I have been going there up until april.

    There was a note that said there is a family emergency

    Prior to that though, I was the only one there ordering for lunch on a number of visits.

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    1. re: blimpbinge

      Thanks blimpbinge, normally I get out and take a look at notes posted on doors, but I wasn't able to this time.

      That's always the other possibility, a temporary closure due to emergency.

    2. From what I understand it's closed.

      1. Hunan Seafood? Do you mean A Li Shan the place that opened at 8772 E. Valley late last year?

        1. There's also a "notice to vacate" letter dated today, I have a pic but I think it contains personal info so I didn't upload

          You're talking about the place on valley next to saigon 22 and new Kim bao right?

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            Not to say this is the case here, but restauranteurs have been known to flee the country to avoid their lease obligations.

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              Thanks blimpbinge. While there's always legit "temporary closure", one on Friday night at peak dinner hours is never a good sign.