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May 6, 2014 08:48 AM

Providence Weekend with Toddler - Hotel at the Airport - Want to still eat some good food!

Heading to Providence for a weekend with the delightful (really) in-laws and my 2 year old. Our hotel is at the airport. I would love recommendations for any place near the airport where the food is decent and a toddler is welcome. Also recs for any such place in Providence.

Basically, I want to eat good food while I'm there, even though I've got my kid in tow.

Also, if I head out without the baby for a night on the town, where should I go for drinks (that's a short and easy drive back to the hotel)?

Thanks so much for any advice!

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  1. There's a Chelo's on Post Road, right across from the airport. Very very kid friendly restaurants with decent food. It's a small, RI chain. I always get the steak sandwich.

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    1. re: Bob W

      Thanks for the recommendation of the place and the sandwich!

    2. Ironworks Tavern is definitely the best place to go near the airport. It's an old ironwork studio (surprise) and is reasonably good food, nice bar, etc.

      There is a Legal seafood (East Coast chain) which I've never been to, but the one near the airport looks dire.

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        Thanks so much! Ironworks looks great.

        I also see a Gregg's Restaurant ( near the airport, and I guess they're a local chain? Is it worth checking out?

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          Gregg's has always been known for their desserts, like "mile-high" pies. Another very kid-friendly local chain.

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            We occasional stop at a Greggs between CT and Newport. The food is always good and the desserts delicious!

            1. re: jcanino

              Their "Death by Chocolate" cake is the way I would choose to die. Super kid-friendly too. Used to love going there as a kid myself.

          2. re: brokentelephone

            Legal's chowder always gets rave reviews but to me it's closer to library paste. I like a much thinner chowder.

            There's an Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House in Oakland Beach, which is part of Warwick and close to the airport. Typical RI seafood shack -- chowder, clamcakes, etc. I once made the mistake of getting a dozen clamcakes and trying to eat them myself because I had a coupon. Not recommended.

            1. re: Bob W

              A seafood shack sounds great. And I'll have people with me to help eat the clamcakes!

              1. re: PhillyCook

                If fried seafood is an option - Buttonwood Fish & Chips should be #1 on your list. Not only do they have an excellent fried fish, but their broiled fish is also excellent.
                416 Buttonwoods Ave, Warwick

                Their fries and onion rings are FRESH cut - Outstanding. As for shellfish, they also have excellent fried whole belly clams and sea (large) scallops. For that type menu, the quality will easily surpass Legal Seafood, although Legal can win on other more elaborate items. Forget Iggies, unless you just want to eat neat the water. Their quality is actually quite poor.

                Never cared much for Gregs - too much like a Denny's to me (mediocre at best)

                1. re: Clams047

                  Fried seafood is always an option for me -- and fortunately toddler loves it, too! Thanks so much.

              2. re: Bob W

                I will go to legal's once a year or so but refuse to order their chowder. It is made up at their commissary and distributed in plastic bags. I would rather have it where it is made on site and within a few hours of my arrival.

            2. Has anyone here tried the Rocky Point Clam Shack yet? It's very close to TF Green. We ALMOST went last weekend but didn't due to chilly weather (it is outdoor seating only). I have dreams that it will replicate the tastes of my youth!


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              1. re: digga

                I was going to mention that it had just opened. Hope it's good! Would be great for ex-RIers like me who fly in to Green.

                1. re: digga

                  We drove by on Mother's Day and the line was very long. On the other hand we also drove by Iggy's and Aunt Carries and the lines were also around the buildings....

                2. I would stick with Ironworks Tavern. Better than all the other local places that I have been to. And kid friendly

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