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Dried Beef

Hello everyone;
Just a question. I am traveling to San Diego in 2 weeks and my sister-in-law wants me to bring dried beef as she can't get it out there and her husband loves SOS. Will the packaged in plastic dried beef stay well until I get to CA from PA? I will be traveling the whole day and don't want the dried beef to spoil. Does anyone know and can you help me?
I will be getting the pre-packaged stuff that is already in sealed plastic.

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  1. I think that's the original intent of dried beef was to be able to keep it without refrigeration for periods of time

    (love your dogs!)

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      Thank you for your reply. I will try definitely package well because I agree with you that I too believe that was the original intent. If I wrap it well I think all will be ok. My pups are rescued Labradoodles. I have had Laverne & Shirley for six years now since their owner passed. Just the most wonderful girls. Have a great day and God bless.

      1. I think you have to read each package that you might buy.
        I buy Esskay chipped beef and it's found in the refrigerated section and says on the package to keep refrigerated.

        What brands can you get and are they kept at room temp when you buy it?

        Also, Amazon carries varieties of chipped dried beef, fyi.

        1. I have never had dried beef and can't add much. I just love the pic of your dogs!

          I had to look up what sos was, haha.

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            This reply made me smile when I said you had to look up the meaning of SOS. I guess I just took it for granted that everyone knew this. Too funny.bGlad you like my girls Laverne &Shirley. I rescued them 6 years ago when their owner. They are Labradoodle sisters that I love so very much.

          2. I thought the jars of chipped/dried/whatever beef were universally available. "Can't get it" in San Diego baffles me; all the mainstream supermarkets in L.A. County have it on a shelf in the canned-meat section. It was a staple of my Illinois childhood, but it was cheap then too. Not any more!!

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              Funny this should come up. My husband and I noticed some dried beef recipes in a family cookbook of his (they are midwesterners) and we were both dumbfounded. Dried beef? We'd never heard of it. We're in Seattle. I can't say that it's impossible to find here, but neither of us had ever seen it or even heard of it.

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                That is very interesting. Perhaps it is just an Eastern thing.

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                  Most supermarkets seem to keep it up on the top shelf with the other "weird" stuff, like canned corned beef, and unless you're a retro-food freak like me you'll probably never look up there.

                  We too were Midwesterners, and creamed dried beef on toast was a frequent supper dish, sometimes made even better with the addition of chopped hard-boiled egg. As I say, it was cheap food then, or else we'd not have had it.

              2. You shouldn't have a problem. I've brought it from PA to AZ and other places and there was never an issue. And I'm kind of a stickler for food spoilage.
                Your dogs are beautiful! Happy travels :)

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                  Thanks that takes a load off my mind. Much appreciated.

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                    No problem. I put the sealed packages in a larger Ziploc, push all the air out, and just put it in my checked bag. The cargo hold is mighty cold. And while your bags are being transferred to another plane, it's almost impossible for something with that much salt to spoil. I love dried beef and have a hard time finding it near me. Lots of practice here :)

                2. http://www.amazon.com/Armour-Sliced-B...

                  Armour sliced dried beef is available in jars and shelf stable pouches. Look near the Spam and other canned meats. Hormel also makes. Amazon also carries the Esskay pounches.

                  For those in Seattle, I've seen Armour at stores like Top.

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                      I just had a pouch of Stouffer's creamed dried beef. It could have used more beef.

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                      I didn't know about the pouches – I'll look for those. I was just remembering that most of our large collection of juice glasses were former dried-beef jars!

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                        Hormel and Armour aren't the real thing. Neither is Stouffer's, at least anymore. They are chopped and formed faux dried beef. As far as I know, the real thin-sliced dried beef product is only found around PA, which is my home region. I've relocated to the West coast, so when I wanted to make this feature of my youth, I had to go home to get it, or have family ship some. The brand from my area is Knauss.

                        OP: Nope, it won't spoil in a day. Enjoy the trip.

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                          Armour was the brand of my youth, and after I got old enough to notice these things I assumed that anything that looked like red-brown plastic was more akin to lunch meat than to actual shaved meat. Which did not bother me at all, since lunch meat of some sort was usually what there was for lunch – in a sandwich, of course. But then in Nashville we were introduced to bologna and eggs at a favorite diner, and then at a deli (called Noshville!) salami and eggs, thus widening our knowledge of the possibilities of industrial charcuterie.

                    3. I don't know what this is...is it different from beef jerky?

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                        Yes itnis different. It is just tender...dried and salted beef. It is not tough like jerky. We make creamed dried beef with it.
                        you serve it on toast.

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                          The package says 'dried, formed, ground beef'. Sort of a dryish beef version of formed ham. Some liken it to an Italian air dried beef. It comes thinly sliced, rolled up in a jar.

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                            This is the dried beef I'm familiar with from my Pennsylvania childhood. It just comes in a sealed pack. You can make creamed dried beef on toast or put a couple of slices in a lettuce and tomato sandwich. Yum.

                        2. If you are flying from PA to CA, there is absolutly zero chance of the dried beef going bad. It has a lot of salt added to it in the drying process.

                          We don't buy too much dried beef. Years ago before we were butchering our deer and making homemade venison sausage we used to have some of the venison dried and sliced thin. I loved to make sandwiches with it.

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                            Thanks a lot. I feel so much better knowing that.

                          2. Hi Gerri,
                            My name is Samantha and I work for Knauss Foods. We make 100% authentic dried beef products. I thought I would answer your question on refrigeration (for future travels). Dried Beef is a fully cooked beef product which is slowly cured. Typically it is advised to keep the product under refrigeration if it will not be consumed within a few hours and kept under normal temperature. Dried Beef can also be frozen. To learn more about dried beef and some recipe suggestions please visit www.knaussfoods.com . Also, there is a link for mail order so that you could ship out the product to your friends and family on the West Coast.