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May 6, 2014 08:22 AM

Bouncy, bouncy iPad

I'm pretty sure I have seen a discussion of this one time or other, but since the problem still exists I thought I would mention it again.

Chowhound behaves very badly on my iPad. When I tap on a thread to read, if goes to the thread which is briefly expanded. Then it goes back to the closed posts, which dance up and down about four times before they settle down reliably enough to be able to tap on one. I have learned my lesson by tapping too quickly and going to the wrong post, going back to the main thread, and then having it happen again. Now, I just sit on my hands until the blasted thing stops bouncing around. It's very annoying, and it makes CH a pain to use.

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  1. You are correct; this has been discussed before.
    It's a common problem with the iPad, and not limited to the Chow site. I'm relying on my iPad for all my Internet use right now, and I experience the same issues you describe.

    Basically, it's a side-effect of all the navigational and advertising elements loading. I try to "sit on my hands", too, but we all get so spoiled by the speedy response of the iPad in so much else, it's hard to wait sometimes.

    If Chow would develop a mobile site, this might be addressed.

    Again, I've also experienced this to some degree elsewhere on the 'Net.

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      That's interesting. I have never experienced this elsewhere on the net on my iPad. I have a bunch of tabs open now--everything from the NYTimes to Vulture, to Facebook (which I prefer over the mobile site), and I have not experienced this elsewhere.

      1. re: roxlet

        Certainly I have not experienced this on the New York Times website, either. I don't use Facebook or Vulture. Aside from CH, I've mostly seen it on some lesser news sites and various Photo-intensive blogs.

        Google News has its own interesting vibrating issue when scrolling - very bizarre.

        1. re: roxlet

          I have never experienced it anywhere else either.
          It is really annoying. I've accidentally hit "flag" and often hit on an advertisement with all the bouncing around. Maybe that is the strategy? :D

          1. re: bbqboy

            Duh! Thanks for the correction. I wax thinking of mobile app, which many have asked about, and wrote site instead. Brain-finger disconnect strikes again.

          2. re: mcsheridan

            Happens all the time on my iPhone. Blocking ads seems to solve the problem for some devices but AdBlockPlus won't work (at least not for me) on my phone and Weblock (recommended by someone here) seems to be over my pay grade, at least I can't seem to make it work.

            Lots of wasted seconds waiting to be sure the jumping has stopped.

            1. re: mcsheridan

              I use my iPad exclusively at home (at work I use my desktop), and I go on a number of websites and message boards. The Chow site is the only one I frequent that bounces around like this. Extremely annoying.

              1. It is a nuisance on my iPad, and it seems to be predominately, if not exclusively, from this site. The problem seems to be caused by changing the size of screen elements at the top of the page after the posts have been painted. I've complained about it, but nobody seems to be listening.

                I don't want a tablet-based app. Those generally do not allow enlargement, which is a deal breaker for me.

                  1. We've released a small change that we hope will help with the bouncing on iPad. Let us know if you see any improvement. (Or if you don't.)

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                    1. re: DeborahL

                      It seems to bounce one big bounce and then one small bounce, which is an improvement! Is no bounces too much to hope for?

                      1. re: DeborahL

                        I've noticed that the bounce is less (what Roxlet said). But, the ad covers the first two sentences of the OP.

                        Anyone else hate Nellie's cage free eggs? And, I'll never make breakfast pizza, breakfast pesto or this version of carbonara. The giant ads on top are having the opposite effect of the intent. I'm so turned off by any of the content up there.

                        1. re: beetlebug

                          That's definitely not right. Is this a change in behavior, or was the ad already doing that before?

                          1. re: Engineering

                            Thanks - it does seem a lot better. Mine now only bounces a few times with a "double vision" effect for a second or two before it settles.

                            1. re: Engineering

                              It's a change in behavior. I also recently updated the OS to the latest version.

                              ETA - even with the overlap, it's still less of a bounce then before. I can extrapolate the content from the context. And, I can faintly see the text underneath the ad.

                          2. re: DeborahL

                            A definite improvement; one moderate bounce followed by a very small one.