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May 6, 2014 07:29 AM

New Anova Circulator ($170)

It is doing great in the looks department. Price has about $30 shaved off. Heating element is a bit smaller, and capacity looks like it is slightly reduced.
It has bluetooth and connectivity to phones. I'm not really sure I'd be interested in that but I'll bet the mass market is.
Having the clamp adjustable seems really nice though.

Kickstarter got funded within hours, and raised another 20k in the last 10-15 minutes.

Looks like it's not quite as nice as the original one but it looks a lot better.


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  1. Kenji's review sold me before I'd finished reading the headline.

    I was too late for the $99 Kickstarter contribution, but did get in on the $129 offer.

    1. I think it's lot nicer. For one thing, they say that they've improved the firmware such that the 800W heater works almost as well at the old 1000W. I don't know about that, but having a variable-height clip allows you to use smaller vessels and less water for small cooking jobs, which will decrease the heating time substantially even with a smaller heater. The interface looks a lot simpler and more easy to read and putting the pre-programming stuff on a wireless app makes a lot of sense. I probably would have pre-ordered one when they were available at $99 on their Kickstarter but now the cheapest available price is $145. For the $24 savings off the eventual price I think I'll wait until they're out and leave to others the risk of delays, potential problems with construction and announcements of even better product updates.

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        After doing more research and thinking, I like it all except the interface (I assume the 800W will be roughly equivalent to the older 1000w).

        I like the older interface that has 3 digits that you can change each on their own. The "mouse wheel," design on the new model isn't really gonna be better in any ways I can think of but I'm sure they had a reason for the change.

        They should have teamed up with the booker and Dax guys and offered a Searzall combination package. Speaking of which, I can't wait for my Searzall to get here next month.