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May 6, 2014 07:09 AM

Best bakery for sub rolls?

Simple enough need: I'm looking for a bakery in Boston (not the burbs) that produces a decent sub roll. Anyone have experience?

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  1. Al's Subs either on State St or South St in the Leather District... fresh baked daily.

    1. I don't know where they get them, but the rolls that Pho Viet at the Super 88 food court in Allston uses for their banh mi sandwiches are amazing - lightly crisp exterior, perfectly soft interior. That and the quality of the fillings make them the best banh mis in Boston. If you ask politely maybe they'll share their source with you.

      1. Thanks for the two great tips! I'll probably try Al's, they're close to my work.

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            I've been wanting to find a good sub roll too, but I agree, it depends on your taste.. Do you want a really soft one, or a chewy one or hard and crusty outside and fluffy inside?

            1. re: chompie

              Chewy's ok, hard and crusty's ok, really soft is not. But really, I'm not looking for some definitive guide to the best free-range fair trade artisanal local grown sub roll baked by Trappist monks or something. Just a decent sub roll, like the post says. "Not wonder bread and didn't come in a plastic bag on a truck from Jersey" is an acceptable standard.

          2. Quinzani's on Harrison Ave does very good sub rolls. They have a retail shop.

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              Quinzanis has a retail shop? I've only been by there at least 1000 times and never knew that. Where is the entrance located? You learn something new every day.....

              1. re: catsmeow

                Not a store front per say, but an individual shopper can go in and buy rolls, the entrance is to the left of the loading dock.