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May 6, 2014 06:56 AM

Metuchen (or nearby) recommendations for gift certificate?

Hi All. I wanted to get a restaurant gift card for my best friends as a thank you gift. They live in Metuchen and are good eaters. I know they like walking into their downtown area to grab food and I've even been with them a few times but usually to more casual places like Thai and Indian (of course I can't remember any of the names - just the fact that they are BYOB, which is amazing because we don't have that here in Boston! Ha!). I was thinking about Pithari Greek in Highland Park because they had their wedding rehearsal dinner there a few years ago. But, my friend is a pretty good cook and I know she makes greek food at home all the time so I think I can do better. Any recommendations? Maybe something a little more high end ($20-$25 an entree)? I'm also ok with less expensive as well as long as it's a chowhound recommendation. :) They like all types of cuisines. One is a vegetarian though. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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  1. Red Monk Bistro in Metuchen is pretty good for Thai. Casual and good food. More than likely can cater to a veg, diner.

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      Thanks Dinermite! Do you know if this place recently changed owners? They had gotten takeout from their local Metuchen Thai place (I didn't get the name) the night before we arrived and said it wasn't as good as usual b/c there was an owner change. Wondering if they could be referring to the Red Monk. Hmmmm….

    2. Excellent Italian is Lu Cas just two miles up Rt. 27 from Main St. Metuchen, it is a top pick, it is also BYOB.

      Also there is Lola's Latin Cuisine on Central Ave. in Metuchen, very popular and BYOB.

      There is a restaurant called Civilies, it use to be located on Durham Ave. in Metuchen, it is moving to Main St. although a few blocks south of downtown train station area, it is EXCELLENT, but I'm not sure they are open in their new location yet. They are a BYOB.

      The Metuchen Inn is very nice on Rt. 27, it is NOT a BYOB.

      There is also Hailey's Tavern on Main St. It is an Irish Pub style, not a big fan of it but it is very popular. Not a BYOB.

      Those are the best in the would have to check with each one for vegetarian options, I would say Lu Cas and Civilies being Italian might have more options.

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        Awesome, thank you! When I do a search for "Lu Cas" this comes up (it's in Edison):

        I'm guessing that is not it. A few hits further down the page is this. It's route 27 in Somerset. This is the one you're referring to, right?

        1. re: kdemayo

          Edison is correct, like I said only about 2 miles up Rt. 27. Edison/Metuchen is like a donut, Edison surrounds Metuchen is the hole in the center of the donut. The first link is the correct location, or at least the one I am speaking of.

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              You are very welcome, good luck!!

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                PS: In case anyone is looking for information - I emailed the person from Civlies. He got back to me right away and said they are hoping for a May 20th reopening date. :)

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          Hailey's has a killer selection of ales on draft, but their food is atrocious. Best have a drink at the bar and go elsewhere for the meal.

          1. re: albinoni

            I was trying to be a little subtle about it. lol I agree with you completely!! I'm not a beer drinker so even the ales on draft are lost on me. Having grown up in the area, actually went to grammar school on Main St. it's just the novelty of being able to drink in down town Metuchen that is a bit of a novelty for me. The Corner Stone was the only game in down town Metuchen and that was tucked away a bit off of Main St. behind the clothing store. (Lippets?)

            But you are 100% correct regarding the food.