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Best Pareve Birthday Cake (NY or NJ)

Hey...Having friends over for Friday night dinner and need a pareve birthday cake. Any recommendations for the best one...My search parameters are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or NJ.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. I like Kaff's bakery in Brooklyn. Their cakes that are on display are ok, but their special order cakes are excellent. They'll pretty much do any cake/filling/frosting combo. They made a beautiful Elmo cake for my daughter's birthday last year

    1. For pareve desserts, I really like Susan Sez (susez.com). Not only do their cakes not taste pareve but they also have great customer service.

      1. If you had time, I would order from Straus's bakery in Brooklyn. They may deliver. Their cakes are sublime. They have a website. Otherwise, Butterflake bakery in Teaneck.

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          Straus! Can't blv I forgot about them. Their cakes are delicious and they do beautiful work for parties

        2. Prime Butcher Baker makes great parve cakes - they're in Manhattan, on 2nd ave between 81st and 82nd. In Brooklyn, you could try Ostrovitsky's on Avenue J and East 12, Kaff's on Avenue M and East 19th, Presser's on Avenue M and East 18th, Chiffon's on Avenue P and East 3rd?

          1. Acme Kosher Bakery at their supermarket in Clifton, NJ

            1. I have always been quite happy with the Pareve birthday and special occasion cakes I have gotten from Viking Bakery in Denville, (Morris Co,NJ) My extended family have been going there for years and years, (since leaving the Bronx in 1960) and we have always been more than pleased with the cakes! While on several occasions I have had cakes from Butterflake at events I attended, and they were ok, I like Viking much better.

              Here is their website. http://viking-bakery.com/ they are an easy on/off rte 80. Why drive all the way into the city when there are excellent options so close, and no tolls!

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                who is their supervising rabbi? is does not say on their site just that they are under rabbinical supervision and all ingredients and preparations go by the strict Laws of Kashrut, they are also open 7 days a week.

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                  Found this online:

                  Rabbi Asher Krief,
                  formally of Pine Brook Jewish Center (Egalitarian-Conservative)
                  Lake Hopatcong Jewish Community Center (Traditional-Conservative)
                  15 Durban Rd, PO Box 333
                  Hopatcong, NJ 07843
                  Tel: (973) 398-8700
                  E-mail: ADMIN@LHJCC.ORG, info@lhjcc.org
                  Website: www.lhjcc.org www.pbjc.org

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                    The rabbi himself has Orthodox semicha and follows the halakhot 100%. I spoke with him at length prior to buying from Viking. I really enjoy their Scandinavian baked goods and desserts. Although the Butterfinger Layer Cake is really gevaldig, as well.

              2. Not sure if anyone is still interested in this topic, but Acme Supermarket on Ryders Lane in Milltown NJ (right near East Brunswick) makes wonderful pareve special occasion cakes (birthday, etc.). We just had a huge cake made up of individual cupcakes with one layer of frosting across the top that made it look like a single large sheet cake.

                They are very good, for what they are - layer cakes of the type used for birthday parties, etc. The cakes are always nice and fresh, and I highly recommend the custard type filling.

                OU certification.

                1. Butterflake in Teaneck maybe?

                  1. Kosher Marketplace does some pretty good parve sheetcakes.