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May 6, 2014 06:51 AM

Carluccios "European restaurant-market concept" coming to Alexandria

Into the inauspicious space at 100 King street.

I've never heard of Carluccios before:

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  1. They're really common in the UK. They're fine, reliably fine. I can't imagine getting very excited about one if I lived in Alexandria, since there are so many better independent restaurants, just like I'm always surprised when I see so many people eating there in London. There are just so many better places.

    1. I've eaten in Carluccio's in Dubai. Pretty good, but certainly not outstanding. I have an Italian cookbook from them.

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        I concur. I think there's better Italian food to be had, and while it may have been good at one point, the chain-effect kinda catches up at some point

      2. With the rent for that building and the fate of the independent restaurants that have inhibited it, this will be interesting. I work right near there, but am not particularly excited about it, but I will probably try it out at some point.

        1. Decent chain Italian here in the UK.

          Founded by chef Antonio Carluccio (then of London's Neal Street Restaurant). He sold the business some time ago and, since 2010, it's been owned by the Dubai company - Landmark Group.

          By the by, whenever I need an Italian recipe, it's to one of his books that I turn. Even though he's now in his late 70s, it's been good to see him on TV again fairly recently (with fellow chef Gennaro Contaldo - with whom he had a feud for years, allegedly)

          1. The location where restaurants go to die.

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              I wonder if they know how often that location floods.