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May 6, 2014 05:00 AM

Ann Arbor Mother's Day choices?

Good Day All-

I trust you are doing great.

Was curious if anyone had thoughts about great Mother's Day brunches in the Ann Arbor or surrounding area? I believe Grange and Cafe Zola have a brunch which might be good. We do not care much for Gandy Dancer or Webers.

Anything else available?

Best regards, Tony

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  1. I believe Bigalora is now offering brunch in Ann Arbor. Like anything else, it'll probably be packed on Mother's Day. You may want to call first.

    1. If you haven't made a reservation, I would make one ASAP. Zola has 2 locations now: Cafe Zola and the new Zola Bistro in Arbor Hills. They basically have the same menu and both are great.

      I personally love the brunch at The Grange (and you might be able to actually get in since no one seems to know about it!).

      Zingerman's Roadhouse has a nice brunch. And if you are willing to drive a little bit Common Grill in Chelsea has a great brunch.

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Thank you- I was able to get a reservation for Zingerman's Roadhouse, my wife has never been and loves going to the regular Zingerman's so I am sure she will enjoy this.

        Best regards, Tony

        1. re: aea6574

          Great! Their brunch is very good. I love the corned beef hash and the grits and eggs. My husband is a huge fan of the grits and bits waffles.