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May 5, 2014 09:37 PM

BBQ tour

I am interested in planning a BBQ tour of the southern states for my husband that I can fit into 1 week. A road trip would be great. Does anyone have any route ideas and restaurant stops? I would be starting and ending in Chicago.

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  1. This is a map of traditional bbq places in NC that is a pretty good start:

    Here's a list of wood and charcoal burning joints in NC compiled by Campaign for Real bbq:

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    1. These pages may also be of some help planning a route, although you will also find a lot of discussion of SC 'cue if you search this board.

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      1. Just a quick note that the original poster has cross-posted this question to a number of boards, since their question crosses a lot of different boards. You can see all the threads in their profile ( )

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