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May 5, 2014 09:34 PM

BBQ tour

I am interested in planning a BBQ tour of the southern states for my husband that I can fit into 1 week. A road trip would be great. Does anyone have any route ideas and restaurant stops? I would be starting and ending in Chicago.

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    1. Just a quick note that the original poster has cross-posted this question to a number of boards, since their question crosses a lot of different boards. You can see all the threads in their profile ( )

      We're not even going to try to keep the discussion strictly regimented so that only things in a region covered by a board can be discussed on each thread, but if people want to focus discussions of specific places on the thread on the appropriate regional board, they are out there so you can choose to do that.

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        I originally replied on the Tennessee Kentucky board because somebody posted there and it popped up on the Discussions board. I didn't notice it on the Texas board until later, the same thing may have happened with Jaymes.

      2. If you are coming to Texas I suggest posting on the Austin board, by far the busiest of anything Texas related.

        1. Just curious as to your approximate time frame for this trip. And sure hope you'll be coming back to CH somewhere to blog about it, and take us all along on your excellent adventure.

          As far as determining your itinerary, I'd add that, according to most BBQ folks 'in the know,' there are basically four main regions/types of barbecue in the US: The Carolinas, the deep south (Memphis, etc.), Central Texas, and Kansas City.

          Barbecue is beloved enough that there are many other areas that have barbecue joints, styles, that are also popular within that region.

          But my heartfelt advice to you, DmhBBQ, is that, whether you can initially get to all four of the major barbecue regions or not, you do include at least two or three. And don't get sidetracked into visiting only one of the many other areas, no matter how proud its residents are of their own regional offerings.

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            DmhBBQ, if you do come to Texas be sure to post on the Austin board, by far the most active. The other three go from sleepy to comatose.