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May 5, 2014 09:32 PM

BBQ tour

I am interested in planning a BBQ tour of the southern states for my husband that I can fit into 1 week. A road trip would be great. Does anyone have any route ideas and restaurant stops? I would be starting and ending in Chicago.

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  1. id go to have a section on road trips Ive lived in 12 different states and to me the best were Memphis and Lexington NC,the home of BBQ.Now if your a texasBBQ fan its a whole different deal BBQ here in Atl is just OK to me

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    1. One week is a good start for Memphis. Also try for their tours.

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        1. If you're only doing a week I really think your best bet is to focus on one of a few areass ... Austin (and the surrounding Areas), Kansas City, North Carolina or Memphis.

          Maybe with a little bit of leg work you could do two of those but I really think you'll be running a little thin at that juncture.

          Here's a post by some friends who did an exhaustive look at Austin. I'd consider doing what they did...

          If you really try to put too much on your schedule, you'll end up with fewer opportunities to try bbq and if something goes wrong - you may end up missing something altogether (a lot of BBQ places have nuanced hours). Good luck!

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            I spent most of a week in KC a few years ago and had BBQ or a steak for every meal except breakfast pretty much the whole time. Lots of places to try there.

            Also, I'd add Cooper's in Llano (it also looks like there's one in New Braunfels and one coming in Austin) to the TX list. We made a pilgrimmage there many years ago and were blown away.

          2. we lived in St Louis and visited KC---they have decent BBQ. Had to visit Texas often on business and my memory is their mainstay was beef BBQ...But the BBQ in Lexington NC is special, they have 2 different sauces NC and SC,one more tangy than the other --Lexingon is just South of Winston Salem Agree dont overreach on yiur drive--on road trips i limit out at 300miles a day,and try to stay 2 nights in an area, making daytrips if necessary.Maybe Memphis,St Louis and KC would work

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