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May 5, 2014 08:22 PM

Family friendly, good eats in Grayling, MI, West Branch, MI, & Marquette, MI

We are putting together our family road trip vacation for August 2014 and I am looking for dining suggestions for Grayling and West Branch, as well as our main destination, Marquette, MI. We are driving from Ohio. Breakfasts are already covered, as we plan to stay at B&B type lodging, but I'd appreciate some direction for lunch and dinner options.

Need something family-friendly (we will have our 6 yr old and nearly-2 yr old in tow) and casual, but with good quality food, and preferably local sourcing. Possible picnic lunching along the way, too, so the names of carry-out style restaurants or quality grocers may come in handy as well. Any great pizza joints? Worthwhile ice cream stops? Anything else? Is there anything in particular the area is known for?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I hope you have a good time in the U.P. Our local fish is Whitefish, and once you cross the bridge, you might want to look out for the roadside stands along US 2 that sell smoked whitefish - it is good for snacking and picnicking. Here in Marquette where I live fresh whitefish is a main attraction on the menu of the Vierling, which is a charming historic restaurant in the downtown area. Fresh local produce can be found at the Saturday farmers market here in Marquette, and we also have a very good food co-op with all kinds of good options. Another place I would strongly recommend for you is the Rock River Cafe, a very nice "localvore"-oriented restaurant in the small village of Chatham, not too far from Munising. It's well worth a detour!

    1. You might have a look at this website

      I know there is one episode where he focuses on West Branch. I'm not sure I'd trust his food recommendations, though, but YMMV

      And there's at least a couple devoted to the UP.