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May 5, 2014 06:45 PM

buying fresh curry paste - Asian Markets?

I'm wondering if there is an Asian Market in the Boston area where I might be able to buy freshly made curry paste. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know about freshly made curry paste but I find some jarred ones in Trader Joe's and they are pretty good@

    1. There are many different types of curry paste, for diff cuisines. Just some examples: Madras for Indian cuisine; or red, green or yellow for Thai food, plus many more. What are you wanting to make?

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        I specifically want red curry paste to make Thai food. If there is a market that sells another kind of fresh curry though, I would definitely want to check it out!

      2. I use curry paste a lot but don't recall ever seeing it "fresh"

        1. It would be nice, but I doubt there's enough of a market for it. Have you tried making your own? I never have, but if I wanted to have it fresh, that's what I'd do.

          1. emylou, i'm not sure 'fresh curry paste' can be found in this country. The form you may find instead- is what i was directed to buy, when i asked a chef friend, in Vancouver: a red curry paste in a thick clear plastic pouch pack. Soft and pliable. Would last you 2 lifetimes! You might call Joe at China Merchandise in Burlington MA. or Wilson at SunSun in Chinatown.

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              That's what's sold in any Asian market in the plastic tub. Inside is a thick plastic pouch of curry paste.