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buying fresh curry paste - Asian Markets?

I'm wondering if there is an Asian Market in the Boston area where I might be able to buy freshly made curry paste. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know about freshly made curry paste but I find some jarred ones in Trader Joe's and they are pretty good@

    1. There are many different types of curry paste, for diff cuisines. Just some examples: Madras for Indian cuisine; or red, green or yellow for Thai food, plus many more. What are you wanting to make?

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        I specifically want red curry paste to make Thai food. If there is a market that sells another kind of fresh curry though, I would definitely want to check it out!

      2. I use curry paste a lot but don't recall ever seeing it "fresh"

        1. It would be nice, but I doubt there's enough of a market for it. Have you tried making your own? I never have, but if I wanted to have it fresh, that's what I'd do.

          1. emylou, i'm not sure 'fresh curry paste' can be found in this country. The form you may find instead- is what i was directed to buy, when i asked a chef friend, in Vancouver: a red curry paste in a thick clear plastic pouch pack. Soft and pliable. Would last you 2 lifetimes! You might call Joe at China Merchandise in Burlington MA. or Wilson at SunSun in Chinatown.

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              That's what's sold in any Asian market in the plastic tub. Inside is a thick plastic pouch of curry paste.

            2. After a Google for "fresh curry paste":
              About 2,010,000 results (0.38 seconds)
              Here's one:

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                Those look great, but are all Indian. Here's a Thai red curry paste recipe rated as "easy" -- it looks it, in the sense that you just bassomatic everything, but it is a lot of ingredients. And of course in the Boston area you've got sucky options for Southeast Asian groceries. I think you can probably get all that stuff a C Mart in Chinatown (but insist on galangal, it is not interchangeable with ginger).

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                  Did you intend to include a link to a recipe?

              2. Not fresh but this stuff is fantastic and i am convinced a lot of restaurants are using it. I use this all the time and its spot on. It comes in red/green/yellow/panaang/masaman, etc.. masaman is my favorite

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                  That's the same stuff I use Hargau, and I used to cook with a fellow from Thailand (Uncle Derm,if your out there...it's Uncle Joe!), and he's worked at several Thai places, and can confirm that that is the brand they use as well

                    1. Whole foods carries tubs of Thai curry pastes and palm sugar . They are very good and last a long time in the fridge

                      1. Jean-George Von Gerichten has a great recipe for curry with mussels; you can find it in his book, Jean-George by Mark Bittman and J-G. All of the ingredients can be found at Whole Foods/Alewife.