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DB Brasserie Menu

Opentable is showing lunch reservations but the website shows hours as only for dinner. Also, only a dinner menu is shown.
Curious if anyone has gone for lunch and what the menu is like then?

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  1. Interesting. Might be worth giving them a call.

    1. Back in April, the same was true about lunch reservations on Opentable. I called the restaurant on April 25, and was told that they weren't open for lunch -- yet -- but that they planned to open for lunch (11am-3:30pm) around May 13. Might be worth another call to see if the date has changed.

      1. Love love love DB Brasserie...see they went into the Venetian.
        I loved their first location at the Wynn overlooking the lake.
        Hoping to get out there for a 3 day fun in the sun, eat, gamble, party, repeat..

        1. Lunch began today. I requested the menu for both lunch and dinner and they are similar, but the lunch is more sandwich oriented. A three course prix-fixe is $28 for 2 courses, $35 for 3. It is a "pub" file but I can mail it to anyone interested.

          1. And here it is, for your perusal. One note, and let's consider this a positive development that we wish would happen more often - the Lunch and Dinner entrees are actual "entrees", and not just a protein/main without side dishes. Not only does it make the balance of their dishes come through, but is also lends a perspective to the price points.

            LUNCH PRIX FIXE
            Two Courses, 26. • Three Courses, 33.

 - Mushroom Royale, Artichoke Fricassée, Parsley Cream
            MESCLUN SALAD - 
Fennel, Orange, Poppy Seeds, Citrus Vinaigrette
Toasted Almonds
Cornichons, Whole Grain Mustard, Country Bread

            OMELETTE - 
Fines Herbes, Crème Fraîche, Pommes Lyonnaise
            LAMB ORECCHIETTE - 
Lamb Ragout, English Peas, pecorino, Mint
 - Roasted Fennel, Spring Garlic, Fava Beans, Lobster Glace
            COQ au VIN
 - Braised Chicken, Lardons, Mushrooms, Pearl Onions
Hand-Rolled Garganelli

 - Molten Chocolate Cake, Verbena Ice Cream
Rhubarb Gelée, Ginger Yogurt Sorbet
            ASSIETTE de FFROMAGES - 
Cheese plate with Quince Preserves
Candied Nuts, Cranberry Bread

            LUNCH A LA CARTE

            HALF DOZEN OYSTERS 18.
 3 East & 3 West Coast Oysters
            TARTE FLAMBÉE 14.
 Alsatian Flatbread, Fromage Blanc, Bacon, Onion
            Mediterranean Lamb Flatbread 16.
 Eggplant, Pine Nuts, Apricot, Yogurt
 - Cheese Plate with Quince Preserves
Candied Nuts, Cranberry Bread
Three Selections, 15. | Five Selections, 25.


            SOUPE À L’OIGNON 10.
 Beef and Onion Soup with Gruyere, Croutons
            BURRATA 13.
 Artichoke Barigoule, Tomato Confit, Balsamic, Arugula
            SALMONS RILLETTES 11.
 Fennel, Crème FraÎche, Dill, Egg Mimosa, Caper Emulsion
            DUNGENESS CRAB 18. 
Asparagus, Grapefruit Mousseline, Pink Peppercorn, Mint
            THAI CALAMARI 13.
 Crispy Beer Battered, Spring Onions
Pickled Red Peppers, Mizuna Salad, Kaffir Lime
            CAESAR & ROASLIE SALAD 12.
 Tomato Confit, Pesto, Rosemary Croutons
Add Shrimp 12. | Add Lobster 14.
            SALADE LYONNAISE 23.
 Chicken Breast, Frisée, Lardons, Poached Egg
 Ricotta, Heirloom Tomato, Basil, Mesclun Salad
            CROQUE MONSIEUR 17.
 Warm Ham, GruyÈre and Béchamel
            CROQUE MADAME – Topped with a Farm Egg, Add 2.
 House-made Sausage, yogurt, Harissa,
Minted Cucumber Salad and Chickpeas on a French Roll

            MAIN COURSES

            DUCK HASH 24.
 Duck Confit, Onions, Potatoes, Fried Farm Egg
            LINGUINI DU SUD 17./27. 
Lemon-Saffron Pasta, Clams, Sepia, Shrimp, Bottarga, Arugula
 Rice Beans, Romaine, Horseradish, Maitake, Pork Belly, Rradish, Poppy Seed
            MAINE SEA SCALLOPS 16./28.
 Sweet Corn, King trumpets, Tomato, Jalapeño
            STEAK FRITES, 8oz. 29.
 Flat Iron, Baby Gem Lettuce, Pommes Frites, Sauce au Povire

            DBGB NY BURGERS
            THE YANKEE 16.
 7oz. Beef Patty, Iceberg, Tomato & Vidalia Onion
on a Sesame Bun with Pickle & Pommes Frites
Add Cheddar and/or Bacon, 2.
            THE FRENCHIE 18.
 7oz. Beef Patty, Morbier Cheese Confit Pork Belly
Arugula, Tomato-Onion Compote, Mustard on a Peppered Bun
with Cornichon & Pommes Frites
            THE PIGGIE 18.
 7oz Beef Patty topped with Housemade BBQ Pulled Pork,
Jalapeño Mayonnaise & Boston Lettuce, Mustard-Vinegar Slaw
on a Cheddar Bun & Pommes Frites
            SIDE DISHES


            1. Heading here for dinner on Saturday. Will report back, as always. The party is three so we hope to order a good variety but trying to find one more to round out the group and do a family-style sampling.

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                Can't wait to hear from you, menu sounds great!

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                  Review is here: http://endoedibles.com/?p=19366

                  Having visited every Daniel Boulud property in New York City, from the eponymous 3* dining room and its original 1* Café home to breakfast and brunch at Bistro Moderne and Sud, respectively, it was with great delight that I learned of the chef’s return to Sin City – a new Brasserie helmed by former Marche Bacchus chef David Middleton scheduled for dinner with two friends, a tasting menu presumably pre-arranged by private dining manager Heidi Voskuil. Every bit the bustling space suggested by its name, with close set tables and traditional heavy woods beneath the sexy glow of globed lighting, it was just after 6:30pm on Saturday when our party was seated and starting off with a stunning riff on the Bee’s Knees our menu was confirmed…at least conceptually…though much of what followed was not exactly what was requested and much of it was marred by still-green service. Setting aside small mistakes on sourcing and pronunciation as well as beverages spilled more than once plus an obvious miscommunication from front of house to back about the menu requested it was with a duo of Boulud’s superlative terrines that we began and with the foie gras smooth as silk while the chicken and pork pate upped the ante with an earthy funk one can only hope for this program to expands; a “Bar Boulud” charcuterie program like that in Manhattan’s theater district seemingly a perfect choice on The Strip. Moving next to outsourced bread and salty butter before progressing into the one-two punch of garlicky snails followed by the best scallops I’ve had in recent memory as the restaurant filled to perhaps 80% capacity it was in our fourth course that things got interesting; the lightly seared lamb and its spicy sausage tender and delicious but served as our “main course” when my request had clearly delineated the duck as a ‘must.’ Eventually served the confit after much hemming-and-hawing including the involvement of the Dining Room Manager suffice it to say that the crispy-skinned fowl is absolutely worth visiting (and perhaps fighting) for and finishing the evening with a glut of sweets plus a quintet of award-winning cheeses one can only hope the service will soon keep up with the kitchen…not only does Chef Middleton’s cuisine warrant it, but so does the textbook Gateau Basque.

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                      They do so frequently. :-) See the sidebar, click on my name.