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May 5, 2014 04:46 PM

NYC's best coffee?

Can anyone tell me the best coffee in NYC? My husband loves a good cup of strong coffee and loved a place called Scream which sold excellent espresso and gelato. I can't find it anymore though :( so now I'm hoping to either find that or another place.

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  1. Screme (note spelling) is still open. It might have moved locations since you were there.

    1. Personally, i like stumptown best, but more because i get such great results with their beans at home. for espresso, i like Blue Bottle, Ninth Street Espresso, and Intelligentsia. the Joe Pro Shop in Chelsea is also a very welcome addition to the third wave coffee movement in NYC.

      1. There are some great coffee shops now in nyc- is there a specific neighborhood you're looking for?
        Coasts posted list is great, i would add cafe grumpy, kaffe 1668, and abraco as well.

        1. Thanks guys. Anywhere in Manhattan is fine, but screme is the one I was looking for. I couldnt remember where we had found it, for some reason was thinking it was near grand central.