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May 5, 2014 04:43 PM

Plymouth Meeting Mall Lunch

Have a meeting next to the Plymouth Meeting Mall just after lunch one day. Wondering if there is decent food at the mall or within a pretty close drive where I could have lunch. Not that familiar with the area. Looked at the mall listings and nothing looked inspiring. My thought was either WFood takeout or maybe Redstone Grill. I like anything but esp ethnic. Any recommendations?


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  1. Redstone has great rotisserie chicken for a chain. There is very good Szechaun at a place called Lai Lai in nearby BlueBell, You are also not very far from Norristown where there is excellent authentic Mexican. Also, Bluefin sushi is right nearby and quite good.

    1. I would recommend Redstone if you want to stay at the mall area. They also have a nice outdoor bar and tables.

      1. For a casual lunch, the taco truck on the roof of the Whole Food actually does a nice job. You can eat there al fresco or in the Whole Foods tables downstairs.

        Five minutes down the road is some pretty good japanese at Bluefin.

        Five minutes up the road in Lafayette Hill you have Barren Hill Tavernwhich is serving some very nice food along with some very good house brewed beers. Next door to it is the completely redesigned Brittinghams serving some very good pub food.

        1. My friend and I ate at Uncle Julio's. It is Mexican with a liquor license and we had a nice time. We went for an early dinner but they might be open for lunch. For something strange you could try the restaurant at Ikea although I haven't been for ages I remember some Swedish specialties.

          1. I'd drive in to Ambler - only about 10 minutes and lots of interesting restaurants there. Bridgets, From the Boot, Deterra, you pass East Cuisine and Phils Tavern on butler pike... lots of good locally owned options. :)