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May 5, 2014 04:04 PM

Thai Coconut and Tomato Soup

So I bought the Campbell's Thai Coconut and Tomato soup and I want to know what do y'all eat it with? It looked and sounded interesting when I bought it and now I want to know if it needs some add ins. Croutons, scallions, crackers etc.?

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  1. I'd heat it as is just to see what you have to work with, if it were something you'd lovingly crafted from your family's hoarded stock of heirloom tomato seeds I'd be careful, but it's just Campbells

    1. Depends on your taste. I'd have a squeeze of lime ready, and some chopped cilantro, at least. If you need crunchy, just a handful of sliced roasted almonds would do it, or some subversive Chow Mein noodles. Yes, the canned kind. Croutons would be fine too, or at least some raw mung bean sprouts, carrot shreds or cucumber julienned. Then, I'd look for a recipe because it's an easy soup,and anything you make will be much better than one you buy - but I do know how convenient it is. :)

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        I think I do want something crunchy added. That almonds sound like a great idea. Actually all of your suggestions sounded good. (: As a sahm to three under three sometimes I need something convenient. While I cook every night it's nice to just open something up now and then.

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          I hear that, tabascowoman. I had three under five at one time, so I know all about convenience. Maybe the toddies would like some toast soldiers or just plain crackers to dip in theirs?

      2. I always like a crunchy element, so i would add something like fresh bean sprouts or sunflower seeds, and then maybe add some spinach or other greens and fresh cilantro.

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          Loving the spinach idea. I like mine "just-wilted," so this would be a perfect way to achieve that.

        2. Pour it over some 'glutenous' rice.