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Yet Another SF Hound Seeking Advice

Coming down for our yearly long weekend visit over Memorial Day weekend, staying at the Omni DTLA just 2 blocks from Grand Central Market.

Our usual routine is to drive straight to Langers for lunch, but recent posts about Greenblatt’s have me thinking I ought to try something new (my wife thinks that’s blasphemy, but she orders the No. 19 and I’m a pastrami and mustard only guy so what does she know).
Last time down we hit Langers, Guisados, Baco Mercat, Parks, Farmers Market (Little John toffee, Bob’s Donuts, Short Order), Central Market (G&B coffee, Egg Slut), Bludsoes (Fairfax). Have previously been to Animal, Gjelina, Pizzeria Mozza, Versailles, Coni Seafood, Sweet Rose Creamery, Beachy Cream, Bay Cities, Tacos Baja Ensenada, Ricky’s Fish Tacos, Bludsoes (Compton).

Thinking about: Bestia, Sotto, Night & Market, Jitlada, Son of Gun, Plan Check, Chichen Itza, La Casita Mexicana, Connie & Teds, Mariscos Jalisco, Mexicali tacos, Portos for pastries, Donut Man (seems like a haul).

We have good friends in Santa Monica who we always dine with so not necessary to stay in DTLA for all eats.

Sotto and Bestia look great, but also look similar to menus available in SF. I could be happy eating Langers, Bludsoes and Guisados all weekend but always like to try some new places. Friday night would prefer to stay DTLA for dinner. Sorry, a little open ended, but any thoughts?

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  1. Since you are GCM adjacent it seems like a no brainer to hit up Belcampo for cheeseburgers. See LA board hoopla here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/970281

    Not far to Cacao Mexicatessen http://cacaodeli.com/ if you want to experience another facet of LA's boundless cornucopia of food Mexican.

    Since you've been to Parks how about a mandoo mania place? Try this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9629... for suggestions.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thanks, I saw the Belcamo thread - there's a Belcampo up here, across the bridge in Marin so I'll save that one. Cacao looks great, would you pick that over Chichen Itza or Casita Mexicana?

      1. re: sunnyside

        I would but they all have their charms. How about Chinese in the SG Valley?

        1. re: Servorg

          +1 for Chinese in the SG Valley. You will love some of these places that get endless "virtual" ink on here.

          1. re: Servorg

            Servorg I respect the hell out of you but I think you're crazy if you would pick Cacao over Chichen Itza!!!!!

            But either are great. La Casita could be fun because you could do a few dishes there and a few at Corazon y Miel which is literally like three minutes away. With that being said, I don't think La Casita is worth the trek on its own.

      2. you have quite a nice line up planned.
        I like greenblatts and langers....i live nearer to greenblatts and it has hours more friendly for me, but i don't think you can go wrong with your langers traditions...but greenblatts is dynamite too and they have dozens of wines on tap and a wine store with nominal corkage/markup for diners so if you're up in weho or hollywood, or want to hit up the laugh factory next door, it's a no brainer. for me, they run neck and neck and im always the winner.

        i learned about the mexicali place on this board -- those nachos are insane.

        have fun.

        1. 2 birds, 1 stone. Instead of Langer's, try the newly opened Wexler's in GCM.

          1. Looking at your previous visits, you are a pro hound.

            Nice "resume".

            1. Consider Alma in DTLA.

              Add n/naka, and definitely make time for n/naka.

              Nix La Casita.

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                n/naka looks awesome, but we have a 6 year old, so can't see hitting it on this trip (particularly because she likes sushi and would insist on her own 16 course tasting, thereby killing our budget for the whole trip). Noted on Casita,

              2. Try Portos for Cuban sandwiches. Their pastries are good but there are far better pasty shops in the City.

                1. tacos puntas cabras in SM

                  if you go to mexicali, i would suggest the vampiro OR nachos. not the tacos.

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                  1. re: ns1

                    I see the Vampiro is a quesadilla - thanks for the tip.

                  2. When in Downtown, try one of the rooftop bars assuming you have a nice warm evening. e.g. Standard Hotel or Perch.

                    1. Downtown consider: Chego. Bestia over Sotto. If insanely good but pricey sushi is your thing: Sushi Zo's downtown location

                      Santa Monica consider: Tar and Roses (crazy good)

                      Plan check yessss!!!! westside on sawtelle chiller atmosphere with outdoor tables too.

                      1. Another vote for Tar and Roses in Santa Monica.

                        Also, one of the few things I think LA does better than SF is Japanese. I'd go somewhere in Little Tokyo (downtown) or Sawtelle. Lots of threads on those two areas.

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                        1. re: SMBeetle

                          Our friends in Santa Monica just told me that Tar and Roses was one of their favorites, I'll check on availability.

                        2. Solid choices planned but skip Greenblatts I favor of trying Wexler or head to. Langers

                          1. If it's pastrami I'd stick to Langers. No reason to break that tradition.

                            I prefer Bestia to Sotto.

                            1. Call for the res to bestia now. Decide if you want it later.

                              1. "Sotto and Bestia look great, but also look similar to menus available in SF."

                                What can't you get in SF??

                                Out of personal curiosity I kind of wish you would dine there to say whether the SF stuff is better or not...

                                What did you think of Bäco??

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                                1. re: BacoMan

                                  Unfortunately Bestia has no availability my weekend - maybe I'll call for a waitlist.

                                  I think there are whole threads devoted to what LA does better than SF so I don't want to start another whole thing in this one, but for me personally, things I crave when I think about going to LA: Pastrami - Wise Sons has good flavor but uses about half the meat of Langers and the bread is nothing special. Tacos - SF has burritos and some decent tacos but there are no great or even good fish tacos, nothing close to Ricky's or even Tacos Baja Ensenada (again just my opinion and I've been on a few drives from LA-Cabo), nothing like Guisados. BBQ - while it doesn't appear that LA has a deep bench of BBQ joints, when you have something as good as Bludsoes you only need one, Broader variety of Mexican (non taco fare), Better/broader variety of Korean, higher end sushi... Oh - OUTDOOR DINING - mostly a consequence of the weather but I wish more SF places would just put heat lamps on a patio.

                                  Re: Baco Mercat - I hesitate to comment since it was about 6 months ago and I don't really remember exactly everything we ordered. My overall impression was that it was OK/good, not great, dishes were hit or miss IIRC. I do recall that the Baco was my least favorite thing and some of the vegetable dishes were favorites.

                                  I saw recent post from you on the SF board Bacoman - aren't you due for an SF trip?

                                2. Have you looked into The Gorbals at all?

                                  I've always had a fun time and great food there in the past and it's right there in DT.

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                                  1. re: Novelli

                                    No wasn't on my radar - I'll check it out, thanks.

                                  2. I like Sotto and Bestia but agree that you have just as good or better Neo-Italian and Paleo-Italian, so why bother?
                                    Other ideas....
                                    Orsa + Winston
                                    Tar and Roses
                                    Ham Ji Park

                                    You have conspicuously avoided Chinese/Japanese on your lists so I won't mention the SGV or Shunji...ooops, I just did.

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                                    1. re: Ciao Bob

                                      Yeah, I do understand that LA has broader/better Japanese/Chinese than SF, but at least with Chinese I tend to feel that you need a larger group to really appreciate the meals so you can try a lot of things. With a noodle dish or dumplings you can get by with two people, but I eat a lot of that here. Let me confer with my Santa Monica friends and see if they'd be up for a SGV meal.

                                    2. OK so we have a Night + Market reso for Saturday night, Tar and Roses on Sunday night. Friday will drive to Langers as usual but Monday on the way out of town plan to hit Greenblatt's for take-out thereby avoiding a stop on the food wasteland that is I-5 on the way home. breakfasts at Grand Central Market, G&B coffee, maybe check out Wexler's bagel and lox (my wife is a nut for chilaquiles - any on the GCM?). Lunches will likely taco it out, some combination of Mariscos Jalisco, Tacos Puntas Cabras, Guerilla Tacos, Tacos Leo, Mexicali (nachos, vampiro). Oh, any great pastries/donuts in the DTLA area?

                                      So Friday night is still open, don't want to drive too much after the haul from SF, so currently thinking Chichen Itza, but not fully committed. Would be nice to walk somewhere, or the hotel has a free car service within 3 mile radius. Have never been to any of Roy Choi's places - are any of those a a uniquely LA experience not to be missed?

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                                      1. re: sunnyside

                                        For pastries in DTLA, check out Urth. I really like their pecan sticky bun.

                                        1. re: sunnyside

                                          Sunny, sounds great. on the nachos at mexicali add carne asada, or some meat, pretty great. one thing i like to get at greenblatts when i drive are the turkey drumsticks in the deli case, about $3.75 i think, 2.75 for wing...one hand on the wheel, one hand on the...im hitting up tar and roses for the first time friday, looking forward to that...have a good trip and ill have to consult you and your sf colleagues on our trip north next month.

                                          1. re: jessejames

                                            Ha - well I plan to get some pastrami from Greenblatts - maybe we'll pick one up from Wexlers as well for the Pastrami trifecta. Thanks for the tips.

                                            1. re: sunnyside

                                              yes, do that. They also wrap up sliced pastrami real nice to go ie 2lbs or 3lbs wrapped in foil inside the paper to keep all the juice in....a go to move for us is just getting a few lbs of that, some swiss and a rye bread ... oh and while you're at it deli man....have fun

                                          2. re: sunnyside

                                            doubt you'll find a restaurant like POT anywhere.

                                            1. re: ns1

                                              I would say go for the huevos rancheros there instead (or get both!) depending on which dish you're a fan of. I personally prefer the rancheros. It's one of the best dishes in LA. The flavor is unbelievable.

                                            2. re: sunnyside

                                              Roy Choi's Pot is great. They don't take reservations (so try to get there before 7pm or after 10) but well worth a visit. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9707...

                                              I am also a fan of A-Frame in the Culver City-Marina Area

                                              1. re: wienermobile

                                                Thanks, looks really fun, it OK with just 2 people the pots seem to feed multiples. Before 7 is not a problem, we have a 6 year old so we're always eating early these day.

                                                1. re: sunnyside

                                                  Yes, the pots come in four different sizes. Kids were there when I was there and they were really enjoying themselves.

                                              2. re: sunnyside

                                                since you're already at the gcm, check to see if horse thief has their smoked pork belly. it's typically a special thing but when they have it, it's pretty good bbq. when their brisket is on, it's pretty damn good too.

                                                1. re: cdub

                                                  Very strongly disagree with the Horse Thief rec, at least for the brisket,

                                                    1. re: Novelli

                                                      never said they're the most consistent but when they're on, they're as good as most.

                                                      if anyone else is doing a smoked bbq style pork belly, it'd be nice to know

                                                2. re: sunnyside

                                                  I'm liking your plan so far. I had some issues with what some people suggested on here, but it looks like you managed to avoid most of it. Just a few notes to throw on the pile:

                                                  People don't seem to mention Chengdu Taste as much these days... it's still a great experience, still crowded though, close to downtown, but maybe a little spicy for the kid.

                                                  Pot is a good intro for people who haven't had Korean hot pots before. But there are a lot of those kinds of places that do it better and cheaper within a 1/2 mile of the place.
                                                  Roy Choi's places are certainly different, but I don't know that any of them are a must-go. Maybe Kogi just to experience what gave the fancy food truck thing a huge push towards what it is now.

                                                  For lunch, you can also consider El Coraloense for ceviche.

                                                  Gonna go a little negative here, so I'll put on the flame suit:
                                                  Belcampo burger is just a solid burger. Not a destination thing.
                                                  Better pastries in SF, but if you must, the maple bacon sticky bun at Semi-Sweet. It sells out, so go or call early.
                                                  Don't get tempted by the pastries at Valerie's. I do love their Almond Toffee Treats though, which are just fancy almond roca.
                                                  Horse Thief has started to have some mixed reviews (I personally didn't like it at all, and I think if you substitute your usual Bludso's meal for HT, you will be sorely disappointed and want to go to Bludso's anyway)

                                                  Don't really think it's worth the risk of you trying Wexler's pastrami. There is barely any feedback on it so far and certainly no concensus. If it's good, it'll still be around next year... No need for you to beta test it.

                                                  1. re: andytseng

                                                    "Don't really think it's worth the risk of you trying Wexler's pastrami. There is barely any feedback on it so far and certainly no concensus. If it's good, it'll still be around next year... No need for you to beta test it."

                                                    but evidently OP should get their bagel/lox.

                                                    1. re: andytseng

                                                      Belcampo: there’s one up here, so I’m not going to burn of my few LA meals on it. Interesting to see so little ink spilled on the SF board about it vs. the massive thread going here.

                                                      Horse Thief: Honestly, I doubt I’ll do it, BBQ is something I generally only eat if its really really good – I don’t bother in SF and my wife has family in Austin so I just save it for those visits. Exception made for Bludsoes.

                                                      Wexlers: Since GCM is so close to the hotel wouldn’t be a big deal to grab a sandwich for the drive out of town – maybe I’ll ask for a taste a la Katz's when I get my bagel Saturday a.m. .

                                                    2. re: sunnyside

                                                      Not in the GCM, but if you want chilaquiles you might want to check out Taqueria Anaya. They have one of the, if not the, best in LA.

                                                      Also check if Leo has their trompo out during the day. If not, there isn't much use in going.

                                                      1. re: sunnyside

                                                        Great plan. Keep Night + Market. Get the pig tails and braised pork hock. I personally think adding the grilled pork jowl and the crab fried rice make it a perfect meal.

                                                        Friday night go to bos. New place in Little Tokyo. I haven't had a chance to go yet. My friend says it is superb. You can order oxtail in advance for a family meal. This should bring a nice balance to your itinerary.


                                                        1. re: Porthos

                                                          Haven't been to bos, but I don't know if it would work with a 6 y/o in tow. Probably should've been mentioned in the original post.

                                                          1. re: andytseng

                                                            Probably works the same way Night+Market and Tar and Roses will work?

                                                        2. re: sunnyside

                                                          QUOTE: "Have never been to any of Roy Choi's places - are any of those a a uniquely LA experience not to be missed?"

                                                          This, IMHO, is a two-part question:

                                                          Are they uniquely LA? Probably.

                                                          Are they not to be missed? Probably not (although I've not been to Pot).

                                                          1. re: sunnyside

                                                            I highly recommend Chichen Itza. Make sure to order lots of the appetizers and the specials if it looks up your alley.

                                                            1. re: sunnyside

                                                              POT is literally all the rage here in LA, you would get major foodie cred if you went there Friday night. Ktown isn't super far from DTLA....maybe even in your car radius. btw that is an awesome idea for a hotel accommodation! Or Chego is also Roy Choi's and is downtown, and more low key like fast food almost.

                                                              So glad you're going to Tar and Roses! Some of the not to be missed dishes there is the Phopaccio, the roasted peas, and the strawberry rosemary ricotta dessert is insane!

                                                              As for Pastries downtown I have "Semi Sweet" bookmarked. Oh and of course you could go to Little Tokyo Village in dowtown where they have various mochi and 'Lettes Macarons and all kinds of yummy sweet things.

                                                            2. I love Greenblatt's and post often about it. But I go to screenings at the DGA a lot (it's across the street) and I also like that I can have a really nice glass of wine with the food, since they have a very nice wine shop attached. But I wouldn't call it a destination for food. I agree with those who say, considering where you're staying, your Langer's tradition is probably a better bet. If you find yourself in the Greenblatt's neighborhood, it's a good place to stop.

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                                                              1. re: perk

                                                                Second, I think Greenblatt's got some love recently just because how many times can you right about Langers.

                                                                Greenblatt's is not bad but stick with Langers...

                                                                1. re: burntwater

                                                                  I like the pastrami better. Juicier. If sunny is a pastrami fan no harm in both!

                                                                  1. re: jessejames

                                                                    "You can never be to rich or have too much pastrami." (wienermobile 2014)

                                                                    1. re: wienermobile

                                                                      Props to langers but greenblatts been there since 1926. Old Hollywood history. If those pastramis could talk....

                                                              2. As a SF transplant that's been here 10 years now I suggest getting the stuff you can't get up in SF. The Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Persian are exceptional here. Spanish, Indian, and Thai are much better in SF. Also not sure if the gastropub burger craze has taken over SF like it has Southern California. I'd suggest Plan Check or Father's Office for that. Go to San Gabriel Valley for Chinese - it crushes anything in SF, even Clement Street. The Japanese food in Torrance is incredible - the breadth and variety is amazing compared to Japantown in SF. There are also a slew of authentic omakase / high end Sushi in West LA. Little Tehran in Westwood has great Persian food. K-Town obviously for Korean. For California cuisine I like Tar & Roses but you can find that type of restaurant in any big city in America.

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                                                                1. re: m3tan

                                                                  You are crazy if you think the Thai is better in SF--let alone much better.

                                                                  1. re: set0312

                                                                    That does seem improbable - hard to beat the best of Thai town.
                                                                    I would be interested to hear what m3tan likes there and doesn't like here. The "Thai" food he means is likely the typical, crappy strip-mall/neighborhood "West Side" (though they exist everywhere) pad thai/pad say ewwwww/pick-a-meat-tofu-shrimp-basil-leaf stir fry goop-fest.

                                                                    1. re: set0312

                                                                      Funny of all the things I said, that was your takeaway. Anyhow, to expand on my opinion, I can consistently find good Thai Food throughout the Bay Area, whereas in LA, with the exception of street food (Night Market) and some great cheap eats in Thai Town, it's woefully bad. It's dominated by the strip mall places Bob describes and then there are popular places like Chan Dara that aren't even Thai food... That said "much better" may have been overstating especially if I didn't have to drive 45 minutes to Thai Town. In the Bay Area I was never more than 10 minutes away from a decent Thai place.

                                                                      1. re: m3tan

                                                                        Because there is more Thai in LA, there is more mediocre Thai. But there's also more and better Thai than in SF. And yes, there's more traffic here, too. But the rent is cheaper.

                                                                        1. re: m3tan

                                                                          So SF's average Thai place is Ruin Pair?

                                                                          In reading about it, it seems like SF only have the one big player, Lers Rose, just like LA has Night + Market. (Were you talking about Night + Market btw, or about the 626 Night Market?)

                                                                          1. re: BacoMan

                                                                            Lers Ros is great and is the big player for non dumbed down Thai in SF.

                                                                            Kin Khao is a new one that's getting a lot of press but I haven't been yet.

                                                                            I don't think SF has a deep bench of authentic Thai food but enough good ones that you can get your fix.

                                                                      2. re: m3tan

                                                                        Agree re Tar and Roses. As much as I love it, this is why I haven't taken any SF friends there.

                                                                      3. For a downtown restaurant not on your list: Faith and Flower. You probably know the chef from SF, but Faith and Flower is excellent, yet still under the radar on this board. Each meal I've had there has been a treat.

                                                                        1. Bestia, Sotto, Night & Market, Jitlada, Son of Gun, Plan Check, Chichen Itza, La Casita Mexicana, Connie & Teds...
                                                                          all great. Don't ignore for places you've already been!

                                                                          1. Reporting back after a gluttonous weekend. Thanks to all the LA hounds for generously sharing their advice, opinions and snark (er, wit).

                                                                            Friday: Stuck with tradition and drove straight from SF to Langers, arriving at 12:00, just ahead of the crowds. Got the pastrami platter this time which was perfect for wife, me and kid – for about $5 more than the price of 2 sandwiches you get enough pastrami for 2 large sandwiches, 4 slices of rye, large scoop of chopped chicken liver, French fries, baked beans, cole slaw, swiss cheese, Russian dressing and an assortment of veggies that served no real purpose. So the wife made her No. 19 and I had pastrami with chicken liver and mustard – great as usual, nice moist cut of pastrami and the waitress threw in a couple more slices of rye with the leftovers to finish off the chicken liver later.
                                                                            Chichen Itza for dinner was prefect, simple ceviche, excellent cochinita pibil and a special of smoky grilled shrimp over rice with a nutty/creamy/habanero sauce that was really excellent and a not too sweet jamaica. Place is super casual, easy parking right in front, would definitely come back to try more of the menu and regret not buying a bottle of their hot sauce.
                                                                            Stopped by the Nickel Diner on the way back to the hotel for their versions of a Ding Dong (great – actually pretty true to the original in texture and composition), cherry pop tart type thing (just OK, dough a little heavy) and the bacon maple donut (lots of people seem to be doing these, but this is among the best versions I’ve had, like eating pancakes with bacon and syrup, great with coffee the next morning).
                                                                            Saturday: Couple lattes from G&B at the Grand Central Market, then over to Wexlers for bagel with lox and bagel with smoked sturgeon – both really good. They told me they have a baker make the bagels to their specifications – nicely crunchy on the outside, not too large or dense, slightly chewy.
                                                                            Checked out the Bradbury building then walked around Grand Park then brief pool lounge before lunch at Guerilla Tacos. Had 2 each of the crispy blue potato I think with greens and tomatoes, some kind of spicy sausage taco and grilled eggplant (I’m forgetting multiple ingredients here). These were great, the crispy potato and veggie the clear winner, the eggplant not so successful. We got there too late for one with uni if I recall. Since it was around the corner, we hit the Pie Hole for a strawberry lavender sort of pop tart (excellent, really flakey and the lavender was just enough – sometimes too much tastes like you’re eating soap), coconut custard pie (rich, excellent) with a layer of raspberry and a lemon meringue mini pie (good, classic version). Checked out the Last Bookstore (awesome place for kids), then just enough time to for a tour of the LA Times from my wife’s uncle who is an editor there (and score my free copy of Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best guide!).
                                                                            Dinner at Night + Market: Loved this place, better than any Thai in SF. Fried papaya app, pork hock, fried pigs tails (these are divine), crab fried rice, some super spicy jungle curry soup from the specials menu, pad kee mao. My friends are somewhat spice averse so we ordered everything mild, but lucky for me N+M’s mild is pretty spicy. Free hotel desk cookies and leftover pastries for dessert.
                                                                            Sunday: Back to G&B for lattes with their home ground almond milk (not really my thing). Wexlers again for bagels with lox and bagel with egg, cheddar and pastrami – so I got a little taste of the pastrami – flavor was great but can’t really judge the texture/moisture in this context since its been pan fried. Took everything to go and had our breakfast at the beautiful garden behind the Disney Hall. Two hours at the MOCA and off to Mexicali Tacos for lunch –Arghh, closed – Damn you Yelp. Marsicos Jalisco Downtown – also closed. So quick decision to hit Guisados – last time we went to the Boyle Heights location, so this time we hit Echo Park and it was a much better lunch spot, nice patio out back. Taco samplers and a shrimp taco, the only one I didn’t like was the chicharon – mushy reconstituted chicharons – others were as good as last time. Back to hotel for a pool dip before dinner.
                                                                            Tar & Roses – Love the patio space with the roof rolled open. My friend pre-ordered the goat dinner and this was excellent. Grilled little gem salad with currants, I forget what cheese and pancetta – perfect starter, half a goat with prefect couscous (I’ve always found couscous kind of boring, but this show how good it is when cooked perfectly, slightly lemony with pine nuts), 3 dipping sauces (harissa, yogurt and tomato) and wood roasted purple and orange carrots with crème fraiche and currants. The tomato dipping sauce/side was amazing, sort of slightly stewed tomatoes with champagne and cider vinegar – nicely cut the richness of the goat. Oh the goat – a magnificent plate of meat, way too much for 4 of us plus child. Strawberry crostata and some kind of fudge-like chocolaty goodness with ice cream – both excellent. Saw lots of great things going by that I’d come back to try. This goat dinner is really a bargain for the quality and quantity of food.
                                                                            Monday: up early to avoid the traffic back to SF, walk to the car and oh did I leave my back window open all night? Arrggghhh, window smashed and one large rock and two crack pipes left in the back seat (sans crack), took all my Ty Segall CDs but left one of Sonic Youth’s lesser works and a children’s sing along disc (those LA crackheads have good taste). So morning was spent at the LAPD and getting a new window on Mission Street. 11:00, not too bad, can still swing by Portos Burbank on the way North for some road cubanos and pastries. CLOSED, again despite being listed as “open now” on Yelp – a pox your house Yelp.

                                                                            So great eats overall and thanks to all the advice from this board I have enough of a list of places for next year as well, so that I wont need to hassle you for further advice – though I likely will anyway.

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                                                                            1. re: sunnyside

                                                                              great report. Don't think Yelp takes holidays into accounts, cuz Portos is definitely usually open on Mondays @ 11.

                                                                              Also agree with your assessment of chicharon tacos @ guisados. they must get a LOT of mexicali reject traffic, cuz I also ended up at guisados one evening after a foiled trip to Mexicali.

                                                                              1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                Wow. What a weekend of eating. Impressive! Sorry about the car window, though.

                                                                                1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                  great weekend. sorry about the crack tenants. come back. and hassle us further, please.

                                                                                  1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                    Listen, sunnyside, about returning those pipes...

                                                                                    Sounds like an otherwise great weekend, thanks for the reviews.

                                                                                    1. re: Ciao Bob

                                                                                      heh heh - just give me your address Bob and I'll send the detectives right over with them.

                                                                                    2. re: sunnyside

                                                                                      Great report. Glad you loved Night + Market. Those pig tails are addictive.

                                                                                      Sorry to hear about the car.

                                                                                      1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                        Great report. So glad you liked Chichen Itza.

                                                                                        1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                          Very well done and thanks for the awesome report. Really sorry to hear about your window and I hope it didn't dampen your overall experience.

                                                                                          1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                            That's some great Chowhounding! That Langers pastrami platter is a smart idea. I will add to the litany of condolences regarding your car's run-in with the riffraff...

                                                                                            1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                              Thanks for reporting back! I'm looking forward to doing the reverse trip next week and exploring SF.

                                                                                              1. re: sunnyside

                                                                                                Lucky. I been lusting for that goat dinner at Tar & Roses.

                                                                                                1. re: wienermobile

                                                                                                  Tar and roses Achilles heel is no full bar.