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May 5, 2014 03:42 PM


Are there any restaurants in Portland or the greater area making their own salumi/charcuterie/whichever word you choose to use for cured meats? I'm looking for places that are actually curing their own stuff. So far all I've found are places that are selling stuff like Olympic Provisions (not knocking this) or are only making cooked products like pate or head cheese. Anybody making salame, prosciutto or the likes? Thanks!

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  1. Laurelhurst Market makes a great mortadella, in addition to their sausages and pates/terrines.

    You have to have a special space (regulated temp/humidity/air circulation) to dry cure salumi, and USDA regulations are very's not the kind of thing a regular restaurant is likely to be able to do given the time/space/regulations involved.