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May 5, 2014 03:37 PM

Le Comptoir {or} Au Cinquieme Peche

Two different types of eatieres, I realize... I haven't been to either place in 3 years (roughly since I left the city) and I have room in my dining schedule next month to squeeze one of these in. I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on which of the two has remained most consistent. Which would you chose?


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  1. I would choose Au Cinquième Péché because its exactly how i would describe that restaurant : consistent.

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    1. re: vabou

      Thanks vabou!

      I was hoping consensus would lean in favor of ACP because I'd frankly much rather stick to the market-driven regional terroir menus that the city does so well. It's quite unlike anything we have here in San Francisco, and I do miss this type of cuisine. Having not been to the restaurant in several years though, I just wanted to be sure the kitchen hadn't slipped over time... I'd chosen Comptoir as a backup because it's hard to go wrong with charcuteries and a strong wine list, so while a bit on the boring side, it's always a safe bet. Based on your description of ACP, I've already made reservations though!


      1. re: vabou

        ACP is more of a nice sit down meal, where Le Comptoir is somewhere you can go with a group, chat, drink with and eat some great food.

        While I land up at Le Comptoir more often than ACP, if you are coming in from out of town and want to have one strong sit down dinner, ACP is the way to go.

        Regardless, you should have a great evening at either place.

      2. A friend just informed me that she passed by A5P recently and noticed a board outside advertising large screen tv and local beers for the playoffs. I hope this isn't the case... It's difficult enough to find a decent drinking establishment free of TVs at the bar, the last thing I want is to have is sports broadcasts while dining out. Can anyone confirm?

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        1. re: OliverB

          I just found this article:

          Is the main dining room shared with this new "pub space"? It was such a small room to begin with...

          1. re: OliverB

            AFAIK, It's not in their main dining room; they have a second dining room for groups upstairs.

            1. re: Maximilien

              Thanks Max, so it's entirely seperated and wouldn't be intrusive at all?

              One more option to throw in - what about Chez l'Épicier?

              I think that's a more reasonable comparisson than Comptoir. How would A5P stack up against Chez l'Épicier as of late?

              Thanks again.

              1. re: OliverB

                L'Épicier is more modern (and a little bit more upscale) than A5P. (and more so than le Comptoir)

            2. re: OliverB

              I hope that isn't the case! I went to another small cafe today and they had a tv on with the sound turned off. There were loads of interview shows on the channel, but with the sound turned off, what was the point of a TV?