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May 5, 2014 02:32 PM

Tablitas/Costilla De Res

Is there a meat market in the metro that sells marinated beef ribs cut against the rib bones? While I was on a trip to the Dallas area I grilled some of these and would like do find some here in MN. Where I bought them they were called costilla de res (beef ribs), or tablitas. I think any good butcher would cut them like this, but I especially would like to find some already marinated.

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    1. Google image search tells me that you're after Korean or flanken-cut short ribs?

      Seward coop sells them on occasion, and some times they have them marinated, but they are marinated in a kalbi sauce. Haven't tried theirs, since I like to make my own. Never had the Mexican variety...

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        Yes, this cut of ribs is called flanken-cut. I did not know kalbi marinated were available, but now you have mentioned that I would like to try that variety also. This cut was very good grilled with a Mexican marinade, and it would follow that Korean would grill up just as well.