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May 5, 2014 02:29 PM

Dublin urgent help needed!

Hi, my husband is in Dublin and needs a recommendation for a good place to eat dinner.
It should be in the center, a place where he wouldnt be really out of place in a suit but not should not be stuffy and formal. Like a gastropub kind of place. Food should be geared towards homey and simple but definitelly great quality.
We normally do research but he's stuck there and I cant do proper research with two toddlers on my head - please help!!! Thanks!!!

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  1. This is an old recommendation, but things don't move as fast in Dublin as in the US, so probably still will be applicable.
    Rollie's (maybe Rollo's) sounds exactly like what he would like. In a month's stay in Dublin we went several times and enjoyed it each time.

    1. Just Googled it and was wrong about the name. Roly's!
      Here's the link:
      It's in Ballsbridge (where we were staying) which is not downtown exactly but certainly still heartland Dublin. I'd go again in a heartbeat! but it's a far piece from western Massachusetts.

      1. There are quite a few good places on Dame St. in the city centre. Have you checked the search box above? There have been a lot of threads about eating in Dublin.

        Fade St. Social is very popular and we liked L'Egueleton very much. Fallon & Bryne, the gourmet shop, also has a very good restaurant that one of my Dublin friends has recommended.