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May 5, 2014 01:58 PM


I am hoping someone can give me a few names of places that we might visit for just desserts....I have read about Chikalicious and Spot Dessert Bar but was hoping for more plated desserts or desserts with more components. I am not really looking for bakeries but more like restaurant style plating. (we are a group of high school culinary students traveling from CA to see and eat great food!)
Thanks, I appreciate the help!

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  1. Unfortunately, this is somewhat of a weakness in Manhattan, the "composed desserts only" type of place.

    Many restaurants have a strong enough dessert program that people don't feel the need to go somewhere else.

    Dependent upon the size of your group you might be able to dine a la carte desserts at the bar, but I would only recommend this if your group is small.

    You might want to look at this previous thread:

    1. brunch at benoit features unlimited classic french desserts for $18

      1. If you are willing to dress up a little the Dessert Tasting menu at Picholine is a good option...

        1. Empellon Cocina now offers a 5 course dessert tasting menu for $45, available from 9:30 pm until closing.

          I believe that Chef Alex Stupak used to be the pastry chef at WD-50 so this new dessert tasting should be very good.

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            Yes, and his wife, who runs the dessert program, used to work at Babbo.

          2. Spot desserts are plated. They have more than just muffins. Unsure what you mean by that. There's also Sugar and Plumm, but I've never been.