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May 5, 2014 01:56 PM

salsa picante (port chester)

A new place opened last week in portchester @110 Adee street (used to be frankie's?). Daily lunch and dinner specials- which i didn't notice til after I'd eaten :(. Had a small chicken taco @ $1.75- thought it was too small, but later realized they had one for$2.75 also, so that would be the one to get.Also had a torta al pastor came w/homemade potato chips.corn chips and a very liquid salsa placed on the table. 3 small sauces/salsas brought with the meal green,red and orange- all good preferred the green. Will definitely go back- my only complaint very thick corn chips,which i didn't mind,but some ,not all were very salty

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  1. My son and I had lunch at Salsa Picante, and we both really enjoyed our meals. The restaurant is right off the main drag through Port Chester, and is a small place that is down about half a dozen steps. We were immediately served corn chips and salsa. The corn chips were thicker than those you usually get, but they were actually hot and very flavorful. They were definitely undersalted, however, something that we felt repeatedly throughout the meal. The salsa was wonderful as well. It was close to a delicious salsa we get at a restaurant on the west coast, and that we love. It's thinner than the kind you usually get.

    We ordered guacamole, which was prepared table-side. Again, it was lacking in salt, though the flavors were excellent. I ordered the daily special, which included a remarkable and really delicious corn soup. Although the soup was somewhat blended, it was chunky with pieces of corn and strips of poblano peppers. It also had quite a bit of cheese in it, and it's possible there was a little cream in there as well. My son and I shared it, and we both enjoyed every drop. The main of my special was a beef wrap with guacamole. I asked that mine include some spicy peppers, which they were happy to oblige. The owner had said that it came with rice and beans, but he was mistaken -- it came with homemade potato chips. When he realized his mistake, he said that he would bring over some rice and beans on the side, but I asked him not to. I was already pretty full from the guacamole and the soup. The wrap was extremely delicious -- like a beef burrito without the rice and beans. It was a large portion, and I shared it with my teenaged son. Also, the potato chips were very good as well, but like the chips and the guacamole, they were under-salted. My son had three of the small tacos -- chicken, beef, and carnitas. Of the three, he liked the beef best. The plate that the tacos were served on had little sections for chopped cilantro, onions, and grilled scallions. He said that he had wished there had been cheese, which is, of course, not authentic, and which I am sure they would have been happy to provide had we asked for it.

    My son was excited to learn that Tuesday is taco Tuesday -- all the tacos you can eat for a set price. I did not ask how much. The special today was $9.95. and the three small tacos were about $6. I forgot to check the price of the guacamole.

    I highly recommend this place, and we definitely will be back.

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      glad you enjoyed it,I've been meaning to get back there.I know they were planning to install a lift,which would help me to get in and out (wheelchair and stairs don't mix too well).Either way i'll get back there soon-anxious to try the tacos