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May 5, 2014 01:42 PM

Late night in Astoria

Looking for a place to eat in Astoria on a Thursday night around 10:00-11:00 pm. Will be going straight to the restaurant from the airport so something where casual/comfortable clothes would be nice. We will have a car. Pizza, Italian, Indian, Malay, pretty much anything besides Mediterranean or sushi. If it's Chinese a large variety to choose from would be great since one of the diners "doesn't like" Chinese. $20.00 per person or less including tip plus drinks would be great. Thank you!

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    1. Sanford's on Broadway is a great late night option, since they serve 24 hrs. But your budget is very low for NYC, especially if including drinks. You could probably get something at Sanford's (or another diner) within that budget, but it'll be tight. If your budget is really that tight, you might even consider taco trucks (which are prevalent in Astoria late at night).

      And casual clothes are fine anywhere in Astoria, or pretty much anywhere in NYC, except for very high-end restaurants!

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        Seconding Sanfords. You will not find a better choice in Astoria, that better suits your needs. Your budget is indeed low, but do-able, but including drinks is pushing it. You might make it with an entree and a glass of wine at Sanfords for $20.

        The taco truck that's called El Rey Del Taco, on 30th Avenue, is a great late night cheap eats option.

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        1. Los Portales on Broadway is open until 2am.

          cheap and awesome eats.

          Roti Boti on 21street and Astoria Blvd is 24hrs. No drinking there though...

          1. Do you see Egyptian as Mediterranean? Some casual places like Halal Sandwich Shop, and the street food further north on Steinway are great late night options.

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              Steinway on a summer Saturday night is a gas. Hookah bar crowds, shapely honeys, wild Egyptian street vendors ... ALL makes for an interesting night.