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May 5, 2014 01:24 PM

Birthday dinner in Barcelona September 7

A friend will be turning 65 on Sept 7 and we (4 of us) will be flying into BCN that evening, arriving at 1830, to depart on a cruise on the 10th. So, suggestions for a later dinner (realizing Catalan dining is late to begin with) allowing time to get from the airport to hotel, freshen up, and get to a restaurant. Not sure of hotel yet but possibly the Mandarin Oriental, W, or Hotel Arts. Suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. My husband and I just returned from Barcelona and had a fantastic lunch at Hisop. I would highly recommend - the food was great, the service was efficient and pleasant but not stuffy and we had a white priorat that was out of this world. You won't go wrong!

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      They are closed on Sunday; any other thoughts from anyone?

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        Appreciate this rec-- they are closed on Sunday but we went on the Monday and had a fabulous dinner at a reasonable price. All of us agreed that they deserve their Michelin star.

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          Fantastic! Very glad to hear that you made it there and enjoyed it!

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          Enric, that Conde Nast Traveller article is very outdated. Many of the restaurants on that list have closed.

          On Chowhound we tend to give personal recommendations not post links to outside articles. People can find those on their own. It would be much more helpful if you could share some first hand info on local restaurants.

        2. I have good friends in Barcelona and they suggested a restaurant named Suculent. Absolutely phenomenal meal. In the Raval area, and my friend and I enjoyed eating in the plaza. We had the "middle" tasting menu. Their wine selection was great too... many bottles sold only to the restaurant (including a great Albarino-Riesling mix).

          1. I strongly suggest Suculent for the birthday meal. My friend and I were there for 3 hours (830-1130p) about a week ago, but admittedly the last 30 minutes or so was simply lingering. Some other good options:

            Embat, near Cuatrecasas' office.  Carrer de Mallorca, 304 (between Bruc and Girona).  Very good dishes, casual but nice and relatively inexpensive.  Great "rice and fish" dish.

            Passadis del Pep, Pla de Palau #2, tel 93-3310-1021.  Closed on Sundays and holidays. Once at #2, go into the house and it is at the end of a long hall.

            Bar Cañete, in Raval area.  Carrer de la Unio, 17,  Good tapas.

            Bar Mut, small casual place; excellent for lunch.  Near intersection of Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia.

            Agua, in the Olympic Villa (Paseo Maritimo de la Barceloneta 30), seaside.  Tel 93-25-1272.  Good for luch; rice dishes are recommended.  

            Coure, west of P Gracia by a few blocks and a half block north of Diagonal,  Good seafood (but Suculent edges it out for a great meal).

            Of the above, I haven't tried Passadis del Pep or Agua recently, but I was just at the others the last few weeks in Barcelona.


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              appreciate the ideas! Question, has anyone eaten in the Bravo 24 restaurant in the W Hotel (which turns out to be where we will be staying)? J and V

            2. Last reply - a comment on the hotel.

              The W and Hotel Arts are both great hotels, but both seaside and thus out of the main action (although taxis are plentiful and cheap). For that, if those are the three choices I would suggest the Mandarin Oriental, or look for another hotel that is more in the thick of things.

              A friend who was in Barcelona part of the same time found a great apartment through a block north of the Plaza de Catalunya, which they loved. I rented a place for 3 weeks near the Sagrada Familia, but the service I used is better I think for longer term rentals (although I am happy to give you the details). On the hotel side, a friend also recommended Hotel Majestic to me, which is also centrally located (near the Mandarin Oriental too).

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                agree. We decided on the W for various reasons but we have been there before so knew that it is a bit out of the way. Will have time to try other places as well as the birthday dinner but want to do something nice on the day as you only turn 65 once!