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May 5, 2014 01:12 PM

Portofino Difficulties

So, I will be staying in Portofino at the Splendido - Even if the food is average I will not be suffering LOL!

anyway, being researching restaurants a bit and it appears that all of the restaurants in town are very average, have very similar menu's, only cater to tourists and are outlandishly overpriced. The restaurant at the Splendido looks good but crazy expensive. I have been told by reliable resources to just get in the car and drive up into the hills and go to a place like La Brinca in 'Ne but frankly, I would like to stay out of the car for the few days we are staying at the Splendido.

Are any of the places better than others in Portofino? someplace I can't miss? I was also told there is a walk/ hike/water taxi from Portofino to San Fruttuosa that may have a nice place to eat?

Any and all all ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. there are ferries, taxis and buses that can take you from town to town in that area, You can even walk! For example Nonna Nina (search and you will find a report I wrote a couple years back) is in San Rocco, around on the other side of the mountain, high above Camogli,, and more bourgeois towns like Santa Margarita Ligure and Rapallo are close. If you search you will find some discussion of Camogli and SML on this Board (upper right corner) A little research would be in order, but if you can spring for a fancy hotel probably a boat or cab would be within your budget!
    There are some transit links as well as other good info on this park website.
    Here is a link with a map that shows the paths, roads and even boat routes

    San Fruttuoso is a destination for a hike or boat trip - and there is a place to eat there which is probably fine but Ive never heard it is special for eating.

    1. Food in Portofino is overpriced. One of the restaurants there has a sister restaurant in Santa Margherita - same menu & dishes etc. but a dish costing €16 in Santa Margherita costs €26 in Portofino. The Splendido food is pleasant enough but very expensive (more so than the other restaurants in Portofino).
      San Fruttuosa has two restaurants. da Giovanni serves simple but very tasty dishes (mostly seafood) in an absolutely amazing setting. It's best to reserve, and ask for a table with a view. Service can be very slow. Note that it's really a place for lunch unless you want to stay over night.
      Portofino is pretty small, so if you're there for a few days some of the places suggested by Jen might be welcome excursions.

      1. If you hike up the trail in the Parco di Portofino to the old watermill at Molini, there is a little trattoria/refreshment store. It is only open on the weekends when we are there, but it has longer hours in the summer (daily 10:00 to 5:00, closed Wed.)

        1. We rented a villa in Paraggi last May and didn't ever find really good food in the immediate area. We have eaten at Nonna Nina in past years and highly recommend it. We did find some decent small restaurants in Portofino in town but not on the water. Walk up off the main drag and there are some tucked in restaurants that are more reasonable. We wanted to go to San Fruttuoso, but because of stormy weather the ferries were not running. Very disappointing. If you have better weather definitely go to Camogli, there are lots of good small places to eat there.

          1. Hi! Where did you end up eating on your trip? I will be staying at the Splendido this summer and am having the same problem finding good restaurants in the area! Would love to hear your suggestions!

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              See if anything here, including an account of my wonderful lunch at Nonna Nina, catches your interest: